OH/8 hand....guy was steaming



in .25/.50 limit OH/8 shorthanded ring game at noble,
i limp in with 45XX on the button (XX was 78 for 1 suited pair of cards)
weak hand, but shorthanded, i'm trying to compensate for even weaker hands plus everyone folded to me so i play it
SB ( smart, fairly tight-aggressive player ) raises to .5
BB calls (weak, passive player)
i call

flop comes A27 rainbow

at this point i'm putting him on A2XX or AAXX or some kind of set because of his PFR
he comes out betting, BB cold calls and i do the same thinking i am in the lead for the lo and will get at least half the pot so long as my hand doesn't pair, making it counterfeit

the SB bets on turn, which is a brick, BB folds and i call again still thinking i'm ahead

river comes 3 with no pair on board and no flush possibilities....i have nuts both ways
SB checks and i bet and he smooth calls

anyways he turns over A277 for trip 7s and no lo
as soon as i show i say " sorry got lucky river but i knew i was ahead in lo side of pot "

then come the fireworks;
"god i just hate it when sht players chase a lo thats not even nut lo"
etc etc

so i tell him to fck off and that i was trying to be nice but hes just a jacka$$ and so on
anyways i was wondering if you guys think i played the hand correctly and if not what did i do wrong
the only part i can think of that was really weak was my PF limp and cold call

thanks in advance for any input


I don't blame you for seeing a flop when it was that cheap (not just because it was a micro game) and only 3 players. Who knows what can happen in omaha.

You played it fine. What was he thinking? I was tought to fear the nuts. If there is a straight possiblity you need to respect it. How much closer did you need to be to nuts low for it to be respectable in his mind? You had a very good low with only three playing the hand.

Idiot Just is mad the he got busted on the river. He was just a poor sport about something that happens to everyone, HE GOT RIVERED.:eviltongu :mad:

You tried to be gracious but he was just rude, no need for that at the table.


The call preflop is OK if you are in a gambling mood.

When he starts to whine, don't sweat it at ALL... Stop worrying about if you acted out of line, someone will put a similar beat on you sometime so it all comes back around anyways.

I Need Money

YEah if a guy doesnt raise with a good hand then things like this are going to happen. He just needs to kiss your ass


A Member
Think it was pretty good play myself as it didn't cost much and you had 2 viable low cards. The folks playing limit games have to realize that I (and many others) will pay .50 just to see if I get lucky on the flop (sometimes). He probably watched an Omaha/8 tourney on ESPN one night and from then on was a Zen master...
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