I messed up!



O.K I really messed up here.

Pre-Flop: I smooth called, suprised "LuckySara" did not re-raise. She had been playing aggresive.

Flop: I check? WTF am I doing, I never check a set on the flop. I am dumb.

Turn: So I have a full house Now, Here is my biggest mistake, right, I've gotta raise here. I think they both would have called.

River: Well Now I know it's time to hit'em hard, so I re-raise as much as I can.

Looking at these hands after, I'm angry at myself for not pushing at every street. I think the 7-10 might of folded pre-flop, but he did call 1 raise with it. Maybe it was Daniel Negarenu, that is his favorite hand.:)
The turn is my biggest fault I believe, I mean I'm up against top pair and a set. The 2 rivers that beat me here is a 7 and K. GRRRRRRRRRR.

Anyway I guess I just analyzed my own hand. Feel free to add!


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I can see your strategy for PF play, but in this case it backfired when Sara didn't reraise as expected. Probably should have raised it up some more, but let's move on.**

Post-flop: Yeah, definitely needed to bet here--I'm thinking 1/2 to full-sized pot bet? Nevermind, now I see it's limit (I was wondering what was up w/ all the min. raises :p). Looks like Sara was trying to set up a check-raise situation. Should have given her the oppurtunity to cap the bet.

Turn: ACK! OMG--definitely a big raise here. No way is 10/7 boy folding now. (But in all fairness, there was probably no way you would put someone on holding a 7).

River: OK, you did the right thing here, too bad 10/7 boy didn't cap the bet.

**Now that I realize this is limit: cap that bet baby (pre-flop)! Don't give people a chance to get in with marginal hands that they can draw out on you with.
F Paulsson

F Paulsson

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Gotta love it when three people slowplay the flop.

Bet the flop, Sammy. You're in position, and if you're the only one who has anything, this may be your last chance to get their money. The entire hand will play out differently after that.
Dorkus Malorkus

Dorkus Malorkus

- Reraise preflop, whether there is a LAG behind you or not. You have to limit the field. If the LAG 3-bets then cap.

- Lead flop. The check is bad, but not terrible

- Raise turn. Calling here is awful. You have two players in the pot who seem to like their hands, most of the time they will both be calling your raises.

Don't look at it as "I was up against top pair and a set, I should have bet" - that's being results oriented. Look at it as "I missed an opportunity to swell the pot with the second nuts when two other players who seemed to like their hands were in the pot with me".

Slowplaying in limit is rarely correct. Not never, but rarely.


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First big problem that could have prevented you from losing only half of what you did. SlickDaddy raises 2x the big blind and you call? Re-raise there. IMO you'd probably would have been called anyway and lost no matter what you did here by the AK...def. with that flop.


I would have raised preflop. Once you hit you set, raise as much as you can on the turn and river. It's unlikely you're beat here but you still need to raise to prevent a suckout.


-Preflop: You hold a strong hand, but you still have a lot of different hands that could beat you. I would have raised hard preflop to see if I could buy the pot before any confrontation.
-Flop: You got fortunate, you hit your set. If you hadn't hit your set, you would be in trouble here because you would have been beat and you know it. But you did hit your set, so I would bet the hell out of your hand because you still run the risk of villian hitting a set of kings on the turn or the river. Plus you know you are holding top hand at this stage, why not try to grease the pot a little. Calling here is the wrong play.
-Turn: You got a boat now, why are you not pushing. TP still thinks he has top hand, and now is your time to punish him for thinking he is holding top hand. And 10/7 hit a set on the turn, so he'll call any bet that you put out there. Here was your biggest opportunity to cap the pot.
-River: No help for anyone. I know that you are playing limit and you could not raise any higher due to the fact that no one re-raised you. You took down a nice sized pot, and the rest is history.

-Preflop: I would have raised here. You would have gotten called by AK, and possibly by 10/7.
-Flop: Your opponents are betting into your hand. That is good news for you. I would have raised the pot. Chances are, you would have bet out 10/7, but you would have gotten called by TP.
-Turn: Well, you didn't raise the pot at any point in the hand, so now 10/7 has a hand. That's good news for you because now you can bleed him dry. Why are you still calling min raises?
-River: Finally you raised. Too bad nobody felt a need to re-raise you and you couldn't bleed a little more out of the pot.

Thinking skills oriented, I think you played the hand poorly. Preflop you should have done a lot more to protect your hand. You hit a good flop and ended up with a set, and had to be relatively certain that you were holding top hand at this point. You should have been raising at every stage from this point on. Then again, thinking results oriented, I don't think you would have hit as a big of a pot had you played the hand differently. If you would have raised preflop or on the flop, 10/7 would have folded and your strongest opponent would have been out of the hand. But still, you would have played the hand properly at that point and would have never known that he hit trips on the turn.


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wsorbust said:
First big problem that could have prevented you from losing only half of what you did.
He won!

Sammy, i'm going to be a lot more complimentary than everyone else - I think you played it OK. Of course, now you know what your opponents have you are kicking yourself that you didn't hit it harder, but I think their actions - especially post river - indicate that they weren't confident in their hands. The check on the flop? OK, you missed an opportunity then to swell the pot, but if you didn't would your opponents have bet and raised on the river? Having such a big hand after the turn, you were then giving opponents chance to catch a straight or a flush, and if that happened you would have won a lot more. I dont think $93 dollars is a bad return from this hand personally, and you did manage to keep both opponents in the pot to showdown - of course you could have won more, but you could also have won a lot less by playing it harder from the beginning and getting them to fold.


sorry to add to the criticism, but i like a 3-bet and/or cap if possible preflop here sammy.
It's only going to cost the blinds one or one 1/2 bets to see the flop, and i really like an isolation raise here.
As for the post-flop play, i generally like leading out with monsters, but it seems like the slowplay got you some nice river bets, so who knows maybe this is an instance in which slowplay was correct??
Though i like dorkus' reasoning: they seem to like their hands enough to have stayed this far, so betting might be a good option
nice pot either way sammy :)