heres why AA dos'nt win for most



7th hand in the tourny im the BB
Game # 122399607: Texas Holdem No Limit (10/20) 08/03/2006 05:07:20
Table "T1014999-3" (Tournament Table) Seat 1 is the button

Seat 1: breeze (1430 tournament chips) [button]
Seat 2: asperou (1530 tournament chips)
Seat 3: Shortstacked (1500 tournament chips)
Seat 4: Mastertron (1720 tournament chips)
Seat 5: Big_Fish_Fan (1500 tournament chips)
Seat 6: IXXXI (1650 tournament chips)
Seat 7: Zapera (1300 tournament chips)
Seat 8: wantyourchips (1440 tournament chips)
Seat 9: peetee (1410 tournament chips)
asperou: posts small blind 10 tournament chips
Shortstacked: posts big blind 20 tournament chips

>>> HOLE CARDS <<<
Dealt to Shortstacked [8s Kd]
Mastertron: calls 20 tournament chips
Big_Fish_Fan: folds
IXXXI: folds
Zapera: calls 20 tournament chips
wantyourchips: folds
peetee: folds
breeze: folds
asperou: calls 10 tournament chips
Shortstacked: checks

>>> FLOP <<< [7h 8d Kc]
asperou: checks
Shortstacked: bets 80 tournament chips
Mastertron: raises 1620 tournament chips to 1700 tournament chips and
is all-in
Zapera: folds
asperou: folds
Shortstacked: calls 1400 tournament chips and is all-in
Mastertron: uncalled bet (220 tournament chips) returned

>>> TURN <<< [7h 8d Kc] [4d]

>>> RIVER <<< [7h 8d Kc 4d] [6s]

>>> SHOWDOWN <<<
Shortstacked: shows [8s Kd] (two pairs, Kings and Eights)
Mastertron: shows [Ad Ah] (a pair of Aces)
Shortstacked: collects 3040 tournament chips from the pot

>>> SUMMARY <<<

Board: [7h 8d Kc 4d 6s]
Seat 1: breeze (button) folded before the flop (didn't bet)
Seat 2: asperou (small blind) folded on the flop
Seat 3: Shortstacked (big blind) showed [8s Kd] and won (3040
chips) with two pairs, Kings and Eights
Seat 4: Mastertron showed [Ad Ah] and lost with a pair of Aces
Seat 5: Big_Fish_Fan folded before the flop (didn't bet)
Seat 6: IXXXI folded before the flop (didn't bet)
Seat 7: Zapera folded on the flop
Seat 8: wantyourchips folded before the flop (didn't bet)
Seat 9: peetee folded before the flop (didn't bet)


Lol, thats a classic example of playing them wrong! What a muppet. I bet he wont do them like that again. Nice win shortstack.


Suckout Queen
Very nice win there. That is a very expensive lesson on why you don't slow play a big hand.


The sad thing here is going to be that he probably won't learn; he'll think that your play was wrong shortstacked.

I love when people don't get the concept that the best hand pre-flop is not usually the best hand post-flop. It doesn't mean it won't or can't win but letting the blinds play cheaply is almost always a mistake. You can never be sure where you stand when you let them in for nothing.


You can limp with AA once in a while to change your pace but you have to be selective about it.

The mistake here was betting 1620 into a pot of 80!?!. The mistake was overvalueing an overpair without information about where you stand first. He could have bet 80 (the pot) and watch you reraise. He then could reraise again (mostly likely what you should do to truely see where you stand) or fold if he really thinks he is beat (doubtfull from how he played this hand). Even if he reraised again he could still leave himself plenty of chips if forced to fold.

The problem is stack management. You can never assume an overpair is still the best hand after the flop so why risk the all-in before you see what others are doing in the hand.


Cardschat Elite
:rolleyes: Geez will the donks never learn. What was the buy-in there shortstacked? I would have re-raised you a fair amount but all-in is just stupid so early with so little in the pot.

He probably thinks it was a great play and is posting this hand somewhere as a bad beat. rofl:p


I saw this happen while playing that live tournament yesterday. UTG raises blinds are 25/50 he raised it 150 2 callers. flop comes x J 8, UTG (raiser) bets all in, UTG+1 calls other guy folds. UTG (raiser) flips over AA, UTG+1 flips over J8 guy has 2 pair, river spikes an 8 giving the caller a full house 8s over Jacks. Mr AA is out.

Dangerous playing Aces this way.


Geez will the donks never learn. What was the buy-in there shortstacked? I would have re-raised you a fair amount but all-in is just stupid so early with so little in the pot
buy in was $20


some guy on my sng just done the same thing, limped in with AA PF, flop comes 499 and he pushes all in. Unfortunately for him other guy has limped in with 94os and so slaughters him with the fullhouse. I mentioned that you dont limp with AA unless you wanna get burnt, and we proceeded to have a great slanging match. Apparently the next time I step outside my house he'll be waiting.................


Hehe, limping with AA is often profitable, but usually in later stages of Sit and Goes when you're shorthanded, blinds are big in relation to your stack, and people are folding to any raise. People tend to overvalue their hands then and bet strongly if they hit anything on the flop.

In a cash ring game I'd say it's usually best to raise and re-raise, but sometimes I'll just call if there's been a raise already, as the rag hands will be weeded out anyway and you can avoid giving away your true strength.


Better to buy the blinds preflop than slow play AA. I'm sure we all have learned that lesson at one time or another.


Ive had a similiar experience a guy with A,A just raised one BB in a cash game and I had 3,9 in the BB there was already 5 or 6 in the pot so I called and the flop was 3,9,9 lucky for me. My feelings are if you are gonna limp or smallest raise with A,A you can't over play these because the more you let in the pot your % of winning shrinks.