Donkey Kong



Jul 9, 2021
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Who is the donkey in this hand? I think it must be me.

UTG makes it 10$ in 1-2 cash game. UTG+1 calls. I make it 40 from the button with AcJc. Small blind calls. Everyone else fold. Now the small blind had only been at the table for about 30 mins. He did look like a loose aggressive calling station. I thought he called me with two random cards thinking that I'm just trying to squeeze from the button. The flop comes Kd8c6h. He checks. I bet 100$ trying to take it down. He calls. Turn is a 3c. He checks. I go all in with 250$ in to 302$ pot with a nut flush draw and one over, hoping that he could still fold (which was a wrong assumption, as I should have known from the previous few hands he played. But then again, he had only been there for 30 mins). He calls. River is a 4d. I missed everything. I announce "I missed". He still wanted to see my cards. I turn them over. He shows 6c4c. What's going on over here? And what could have been different?


May 2, 2019
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Apparently you have not been wrong with the perception you had about SB. You simply should have played more cautiously, as this type of player cannot be made to fold so easily.
Plus your big bets seemed like a desperate attempt to win the pot quickly. Which is not a bad thing, but it does not apply correctly for these types of wide call stations.
In general, you should use smaller bet sizes from the flop, as you will find yourself in situations where you will find yourself very committed to the pot. And it really is important to manage good the SPR.