$200 NLHE Full Ring: AQ flops top pair against limpers, just call donk bet?



Oct 8, 2016
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Villain (UTG+1): ~$320
Hero (Hijack): $160
Other player (Button): ~$100

I had AQs and with one limper before I raise to $15 (which is a big size for this game). Button and limper call. This limper had just sat down about an orbit ago and was playing much more aggressive than the rest of the table.

Flop comes off A 9 9 with two clubs, one heart. Limper donk leads for $30. I tank call this, and the button folds. When the turn bricks out, a off suit 5, he leads out again for $100. At this point, I am pretty sure that he is 100% putting me on an Ace in this spot. I tank for a longer time, and say he's gonna show a bluff on me, then fold.

He mucks, and says "Would you believe King Queen of clubs?" I said, yes, then he says "That's what I wanted you to think, I had a 9"

He said, "You had Ace King, right?"
So I folded, after calling a donk bet from a limp caller. I really think that this was an exploitative fold in the long run, but I'm really not sure. I believe against this guy specifically, his limp calling range contains a lot of suited Kings, including K9 suited.


May 2, 2019
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I don't think this V kills himself with a hand like KQcc when you have range advantage, with hands like: AA and all the combinations: A9, that you are blocking. That leaves V with all the combos: K9s; J9s; T9s and 98s, who could donk bet from the flop.
Furthermore, a V flush draw should check a lot of reasonable times on the turn as the hero hands that called on the flop may have significant blockers now trying to get fold equity. The only reason V has to keep betting on the turn is when he hopes to knock down weak aces like A5s-A2s.
Rank V is capped, so it can't represent strong aces like AK or AQ. And also his bluffs are reduced.
Since the V line doesn't make any sense, your turn fold is correct to me.
Villain simply tried to play polarized from the flop. But the texture of the board didn't help him, because he doesn't have enough bluffs to represent in his range. And in the end he possibly he he thought you had the K or the Q of club.