$2 NL HE 6-max: Funniest board I've played in while ...6♠6♥ x only God knows ( and villan ofc!!!)



Apr 12, 2020
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Yes 22266 is a weird run out when you have 66, nice to river quads! I think on the turn you have what they call an "armada":geek:

Not sure what villain calls flop and turn with to bet-fold river? If this is 0.01/0.02 surely you get paid by everything on the river?


Feb 13, 2018
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Jumping to the flop, I like your flat call here as our hand is vulnerable to overcards but its not (or shouldnt) get called by just random hands here. If we were to raise into two players villains should be able to decipher we have a pair so they should only continue with their pairs which more than likely are higher than ours.

On the turn you get a great card of course so now you should be looking to play for stacks as all the pairs now will much more easily stack off thinking you are just on 6x instead of 66. I think you should have raised the turn the first time it got you since if villains have nothing then you arent getting anything on the river anyway but when you do raise you can set up river jams much more easily. You wind up calling and then get check raised. Its a weird way for villain to play a hand like 88 or other pairs since they called flop but also checked turn when it could have easily checked behind them. This seems like it is 2x or it some airball hand trying to make a play. No made boats would play the hand this way up to this point I dont think unless they had 6x which at this point in the hand was possible but difficult since there is only one 6 left. I think when it comes to you after being check raised if you raise there the bluffs are folding and the 2x of course is jamming or calling to string you along. Better off to just call the check raise as you did imo.

On the river we get the gin card and now we have to be thinking big since we have the nuts and 2x isnt folding to anything while a bluff we arent getting anything anyway. After the lead you raise to $1.78 which I dont get since it doesnt quite put them all in. You should bet an amount that guarantees them to go all in. Not a big deal here since it was pennies difference but this could come up in future hands where you dont put villain all in when you have them crushed. In future spots if you leave them with 20 or 30 cents it doesnt sound like much but it is 10 or 15 BBs in this game. I would suggest with these specific stacks to jam all in even though you have them well covered. It has a small chance of looking weird (for whatever reason) to villain and just maybe they call off a tough lighter when you do it. Its worth a shot and doesnt cost you anything more.