$10 NLHE Full Ring: A5 suited in the Big Blind



Aug 17, 2014
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Hero with :ah4::5h4: and $12.68 in the Big Blind
Villian with $8.42 in the cut-off
4 folds to Villain who raises to $25. Hero calls. Syited wheel Ace. Why not?
$0.62 in the pot and flop comes :8c4::ad4::10s4: hero checks and Villain raises $0.30. This is what is wrong with calling low suited aces. No hearts and no kicker. Can't call a re-raise, so its a call
$1.19 in the pot and the turn comes :ks4: hero checks and Villain raise again for $0.81. The raise is 2/3s pot up from 1/3. Hero calls, think about bluffing the river.
$2.82 in the pot. River come :7s4: The backdoor flush and front door straight come in. Hero thinks he can get a pair of aces with a better kicker to fold and leads for $1.36, a little less than 1/2 pot.

Villain calls and shows :10d4::10s4: As the cards lay Hero was a dead man walking. Would the play work against a lesser hand?


May 2, 2019
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Preflop seems reasonable to me as a supposed LAG with 84 BB of effective stack is unlikely to fold often enough to a 3-bet from the blind to be profitable. Perhaps it might be better to attempt the steal when the aperture is smaller than 2.5x.
The flop is a standard call with no further information on our villain. The turn is a different situation. Here we are apparently floating with some values ​​and semi bluffs, like flush draw. However the V has to continue betting with a range structure similar to ours. So here you should be wondering if you can actually fool your opponent on the river, if you plan to call on the turn. If this is not clear, perhaps the best is fold OTT.
The first thing to know is that if there are flush draw combos in your range, they are clearly not the best. Therefore if you want to block this hand on the river, you should choose a much smaller size. But in micros this will mean that you will be late many times, since it is unlikely that V has reached the river with hands worse than yours.
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Feb 24, 2020
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I think it would have worked against a lesser hand. You blocked top pair so you will in front often and put two pair or better aces in very tough spots. Villain had a set so you just got unlucky