Poker News Posting Guidelines: What Should be Posted Here?

This is a brief summary of what type of topics should be posted in this section. Keep in mind that all sections of the forum have a brief description on the home page under each forum heading with an outline of what should go in that section as well.

What you should post here
  • News and headlines from the poker world
  • Poker legislation news and changes
  • PPA (Poker Players' Alliance) news and updates
  • Major Poker Event News and Coverage (i.e. WSOP, WPT, MSPT, PokerStars Championship Events)
What you should NOT post here
  • Questions about poker sites/poker rooms
  • Poker site tournament or promo information or questions, including deposit and withdrawal or support questions. Those topics should go in Poker Rooms
  • Bad Beats, rail requests, or challenges. Those should go in the Brags, Beats and Challenges ( forum
  • Live-stream or twitch channel discussions or links. Post those topics in General Poker
Other Guidelines:

If you would like to post a news article for discussion, you MAY NOT copy and paste the entire article. You may quote a small blurb or main idea of the article, along with a conversation starter or question in your own words, as well as either a link to the original article. Copying and pasting entire articles or other literary works is a violation of copyright laws, and we will delete any posts doing this. Members who do this may receive a warning and infraction as well.

Before posting an article link from another website, we ask that you search CardsChat's News articles first. We may have already covered that topic, and would prefer a link to our own news in threads.