Tournament Poker - Posting Guidelines

Welcome to the Tournament Forum!

A brief summary of what should and shouldn't be posted here, so that we can hopefully keep having to move threads around to a minimum. Everyone needs to read this as it has been recently updated.

What should be posted here:
  • Any questions regarding specific strategies or strategic concepts relating to sng's and tournaments. This could be anything from asking about effective bubble play to asking about deep stack MTT strategy.
  • Questions and advice regarding tilt, managing your bankroll, table chat and other psychological type issues.
What should not be posted here:
  • Anything that is prohibited by the rules (, such as spam/advertising.
  • Anything involving hand analysis - those go in Tournament Hand Analysis. (
  • Bad Beats and challenges - they go in Brags, Bad Beats and Challenges (
  • Get a Game Going requests - they go in Get a Game Going/Rail requests (
  • Questions about poker software tools - they go in Poker Software and Tools.
  • Threads and posts in poor English. It is imperative that posts in this forum be in good English and are easy to read and understand. Posts in poor English will be deleted.