MTTs & Ring Games Compared

Why MTT Poker Tournaments Will Always Be Softer Then Cash GamesOver the last few months I have been thinking about how the games have become tougher. However, I think cash games have got tougher in relative terms compared to tournaments. I’m not talking about SNG’s here, just MTT’s.

The reason for this is I think the fish are infatuated at turning a small sum of money into a big score. When stacks are less deep the skill factor is reduced and its almost as if tournaments are a better way to gamble for them.

I also think alot of fish adjust between early and late game in the wrong way. Fish usually start out playing very loose and as it gets to the later stages they adjust correctly by mistake. What I mean by this is they slow down there speed to a speed that is almost correct because they think the decisions are more important. So at this point, they usually have a punchers chance at getting a big score. (Albeit obviously smaller then the good regs chance) Hence why you see alot of fish get eliminated in the early stages or build up a big stack for the mid/later stages. It always surprises me how some donk always gets to the final table playing 45vpip.

I also think fish are starting to realise that there getting outclassed in deepstack cash games. They lack the ambition to learn how to play poker so instead of losing 4/5 sessions in cash games they might take a shot in a number of low stakes tournaments and hope to parlay there money into something big. And that’s the key here, they may be aware that they have no edge in the games after the lose 10 sessions in a row but in a game where the luck factor is higher they still have a chance of getting a big score.

The same goes for PLO. The variance and luck factor in PLO is alot higher so fish may go on large streaks winning tons of money whilst being a dog in the games they are playing but don’t realise it. This is great, because once they loose all there money back they will continue on playing.

Another factor to consider is that I generally consider tournament players in general to be inferior to cash game players. Im not saying there aren’t a number of great NLH tournament players. What im saying is cash game players can be put into a tournament situation and perform just as good as the a tournament pro but the opposite is not always true. So inherently, the overall skill level in a $100 tournament might be similar to a $25 or $50 buyin cash game. If you take into account the Sunday $215 majors, most of them play like nl$10 online.

Also, deepstack NLH cash games tend to attract the more skillful players. If you are skilled at poker you are going to want to play a game in which you have the highest % edge in, so that has lead to alot of skilled players playing other skilled players. And as time goes on, and the fish keep losing there money and stop coming back. Add into the equation of having dozens of professional shortstackers destroying your edge against the 1 fish at the table, multitabling MTT’s doesn’t seem like a bad alternative.

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