Poker Tracker 3 Review (2020)

If you are beginning your poker career, you can take advantage of the great Poker Tracker 3 software that will quickly identify errors and leaks in your online play, saving you money and increasing your winnings.


Starting out in poker can be a little bit daunting. Yes, it is true that the game is easy to learn and just five minutes after receiving your initial instruction, you can be pushing chip stacks across the felt like the pros on TV. The difference is that the pros understand when they should be pushing their chips in to the middle and when they should be folding. The beginner, however, is normally guided by the hit and miss advice given by that little voice in his head.

Mastering the intricacies of poker strategy takes considerably longer than learning its simple rules. But if you are a poker newbie today, you have a head start when it comes to getting a poker education. Online play offers fast hand turnarounds and the ability to play games around the clock, allowing you to build a wealth of experience in a very short time.

Nevertheless, you still need to spend time reviewing your play, and playing over a hundred hands an hour online can leave you with a morass of information to wade through at the end of a session. And this is where software like Poker Tracker 3 can really help you out.


After downloading the software, the installation is automated, although you will also have to set up PostgreSQL during the process. PostgreSQL sets up the database that will record your hands and statistics and Poker Tracker 3 will not work without it. The installation is straightforward, however, and you can be up and running within a couple of minutes.

You can then set to have Poker Tracker 3 automatically begin compiling data from your favorite poker clients and it supports the vast majority of them. In the event that your preferred poker room is not supported by this feature, you can still import the hand histories manually to build your statistics.

This also means that even if you bought the software after playing thousands of hands online, you can now import the saved data from those hands into the program and review the statistics from your prior play.

In the event that you get stuck, there is a huge amount of help documentation available.

Poker Tracker 3 Import Screen
Poker Tracker 3 Import Screen

Ease of Installation: 4.5/5

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Reporting and Statistical Analysis

This is the heart and soul of Poker Tracker 3 and it has plenty of both. The software provides you with the powerful ability to break down you poker playing style, allowing you to examine your game and see where you are making the mistakes that are costing you money.

If you want to develop your poker skills, then such detailed analysis is vital. It enables you to determine if you are playing too tight or too loose, or whether specific hands are costing you money, ultimately enabling you to make more profitable plays.

Poker Tracker 3 allows you to review a dizzying array of data about your playing style. Whether you want to know how many times you folded your Big Blind to a pre-flop raise, or how profitably you played Pocket Rockets (AA) from the Dealer Button over the last six weeks, this software can generate a report that will tell you.

Of course, Poker Tracker 3 also compiles the same information on your opponents, enabling you to spot the holes in their game and discover how to exploit them.
This fantastic piece of software can also review your hands by seating position letting you see if you have been exploiting your positional advantages and maximizing profits. It can explain how you have fared against specific opponents, allowing you to determine who your own personal kryptonite is.

By way of example, the analysis screen below indicates that the player has made a profit with a pair of queens (QQ), but should learn how to fold KT offsuit.

Poker Tracker 3 Hand Analysis

Poker Tracker 3 Hand Analysis

The customization present in this online poker tool is formidable and will allow you to put your poker playing skills under a harsh spotlight that will illuminate any weakness.

Reporting and Statistical Analysis: 4/5

Dont keep playing at a disadvantage. Get Poker Tracker 3 and become a force to be reckoned with at the poker table.

Other Features

Poker Tracker 3 also has a wealth of other features that make this program truly indispensable to the online poker player.

You can output your data in to graphs, allowing you to quickly identify a winning or a losing streak which in turn guides you to go through the other statistics to find out why this has been happening.

Poker Tracker 3 Graph Outputs
Poker Tracker 3 Graph Outputs

What else can this wonderful piece of computer wizardry do? It can provide you with real time data on your own and your opponents play via a Heads Up Display (HUD).
No, this is not some gadget from the cockpit of a stealth fighter, but instead provides you with a stream of important poker information that you can use to win more money from the table you play at.

You can instantly see how often your opponents have been raising, how often they voluntarily put money into the pot and their aggression levels. It comes in very handy when you face a raise from the player with the dealer button, enabling you to check if he has often raised that position. The more you play the same opponents, the more detailed and accurate the information you build, thus improving your poker judgement.

And if that wasnt enough, the HUD is fully customisable, allowing you to display the specific information you want, keeping you at the top of your game all the time.

Poker Tracker 3 HUD

Poker Tracker 3 HUD

The software also allows you to replay your hands, meaning you can review a crucial hand step-by-step and spot just where you went wrong.

Poker Tracker 3 Hand Replayer

Poker Tracker 3 Hand Replayer

Poker is a game of information, and Poker Tracker 3 allows you to be the master of it. With a vast array of statistics at your fingertips, and the ability to analyse your gameplay in detail, this software is vital to help you continually make the right decisions and will sincerely help you avoid making expensive mistakes.

Other Features: 4/5

Poker Tracker 3 can track statistics for both ring games and tournaments. See for yourself.

Additional Software

Poker Tracker 3 can also be expanded to handle the very popular Omaha and Stud games, as well as incorporating a Table Tracker that allows you to scan games currently being played to find the one with the greatest concentration of fish meaning all you have to do is to pack up your bait box.

Additional Software: 4.5/5

Supported Sites

Poker Tracker 3 supports the vast majority of poker sites and networks. Currently all of the following are supported:

  • Betfair Poker
  • Bodog Poker
  • Boss Media (IPN) sites like PokerHeaven, VirginPoker, CelebPoker, FortunePoker, PokerKings, etc.
  • Cake Poker
  • Cereus Network sites like Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, etc
  • Entraction (B2B) sites like NoiQPoker, 24hPoker
  • Everest Poker
  • Full Tilt Poker
  • iPoker Network sites like Titan, Winner Poker, Noble, and more...
  • Merge Gaming sites such as CarbonPoker, etc.
  • MicroGaming (Prima) sites such as LadBrokes, NordicBet Poker, etc.
  • OnGame Network / PokerRoom
  • PacificPoker sites like 888, etc.
  • Party Poker including affiliates Empire, Multi-Poker, etc.
  • Poker Stars
  • WPEX

With all the major sites and networks covered, it should be easy to import your favorite poker room in to this software.

Supported Sites: 4/5


Poker Tracker 3 stands out as one of the best pieces of online poker software on the market. It offers users access to powerful reports, a wealth of customization options and the ability to add on a raft of additional software.

Online poker simply is simply too fast paced to analyze and compute accurately as you play. But with Poker Tracker 3 you can not only follow the action, you can actually stay one step ahead of it. And as every poker player worth his salt knows, every edge you can get is a profitable one.

Overall Rating: 4/5

Are you ready to start playing like a pro? Are you fed up watching your bankroll dwindle away? Get Poker Tracker 3 and grab a seat at the winners table!