Sharkscope 2024 – How and Why You Should Use It

Learn how to improve your Texas Hold’em poker game with this invaluable poker tool.

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What is Sharkscope and Why Should You Use It?

Sit & Go and smaller field tournaments offer a great playing experience, especially at online poker rooms where there is rarely a long wait for them to begin. Tourneys are available in various formats, speeds and stakes, and with some understanding of Sit & Go tournament strategy it’s very possible to turn a profit from the high volume of tournament players playing online.

However, as more players become familiar with poker strategy, this can be harder to achieve. That’s where a tool like Sharkscope comes into its own.

Sharkscope is essentially the world’s largest database of online poker tournament results (for instance, it contains over 900,000,000 tournament results from PokerStars alone). The site covers a massive range of the biggest and best online poker sites, so it’s more than likely you’ll have access to statistics from your preferred site. This database helps you understand your competition at the online tournament tables, wherever you play, giving you an advantage you can use.

The Benefits of Using Sharkscope

Poker is a game of incomplete information: walk into a game for the first time and you’ll know nothing about the player or the cards they’re playing. Sharkscope removes that first-time disadvantage.

Now you’re able to get information on a player’s win/loss record across a mix of formats, meaning you can quickly identify which players you want to attack and which ones you should try to avoid.

You’re also able to keep track of how profitable you are at various stakes, meaning you’re able to find the buy-in ‘sweet spot’ to maximize your profits.

Sharkscope’s Key Tools

Besides being able to identify weaker players using the online database, Sharkscope has two features that are highly beneficial.

The Sharkscope HUD pulls all of the key information available in the database and overlays it on the table as you play. You can quickly glance at aplayer’s ROI, experience levels and typical buy-ins right there on the table. Don’t like the layout? Then you can customize it to present the statistics you want to see by simply dragging and dropping them. The use of color filters to quickly classify players helps you make decisions faster, and you can even tailor the color shades according to how much data Sharkscope has.

The second feature which really makes Sharkscope stand out from the crowd is the Tournament Selector. Here Sharkscope effectively guides you through the myriad of online tournaments available and highlights those which should be most profitable for you personally, based on your own playing data.

Simply search for the type of game and buy-in you’re interested in and Sharkscope will serve up a range of options, with icons representing how beatable it estimates the game to be. Click a tournament and you’ll get an average ability rating for the event, as well as a list of the game’s best players (hint: they’re the ones you’ll want to avoid).

Conclusion: A Poker Essential

Overall, Sharkscope is one of those tools you simply have to take to the online poker battle. With the largest pool of data available and the Sharkscope HUD making it incredibly easy to use this in real time, it’s simply a case of finding the right version of the software for you.

A range of different price plans, from $6-$26 a month, offer different levels of utility – for example, the Sharkscope HUD is not available at all price points. The complete package is available for a one-off fee of $99. Head to Sharkscope to get the full details of the packages available.

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