Poker quiz

Think you know poker? Take the CardsChat Poker Quiz to prove it!

The more popular poker gets, the more it changes. New variants, new tournament structures, and new faces on the circuit. So how deep does your poker knowledge run? Do you know your OFCP from your Hi-Lo? Take our poker test to see if you've can play with the big boys, or if you are still stuck back in 1882. Then share the result with your friends to see how you measure up. Just make sure the lowest scoring friend is invited to your next home game...

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Here are the winners from our previous quizes!

Spring 2016
Rank Player Points
1 haemophile 236,052
2 David 235,552
3 J Sizzle 234,895
Winter 2016
Rank Player Points
1 David 235,464
2 ColoradoSC 235,318
3 Gabinho12345 234,652
Fall 2015
Rank Player Points
1 ColoradoSC 235,794
2 Ryan 234,987
3 BentleyBoy 234,829
Summer 2015
Rank Player Points
1 Katya 235,156
2 tiltbookfag 234,364
3 MATO 234,194