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April 26, 2017
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US Online Casino No Download Sites

Your Complete Guide to No Download Online Casino Sites
US Online Casino No Download Sites

In 2017 America is a country of choice and when it comes to online casino no download sites, there's no shortage of that world famous choice either.

No download casino sites give you the option to gamble right in your Internet browser. That means no massive downloads and the ability to play on the move, whenever and wherever you like. There are some things you should know about instant play gambling rooms, so read what we have to say before you ante up.

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How to Get Started at a No Download Casino
How to Get Started at a No Download Casino

Almost every single reputable US casino site will have a no download option. They're sometimes called instant play casinos or flash gambling websites, but the concept is the same.

When you go to a casino's homepage you'll see buttons or links that say 'Download' or 'Instant Play'. Just click the instant play button and it'll take you to the sign up page without prompting you to download anything.

Before you start playing at a flash casino you have to go through the same sign up process as you do at regular US online casinos.

You'll have to enter your personal details and banking information so that you can play real money instant play casino games. Once you've done that, it's time to fund your account. Choose your preferred payment option, how much you'd like to deposit and then enter your details.

After that, you're all done and ready to go. Just pick a game from the homepage and start playing!

Downloadable vs Online Casino No Download Software

Downloadable Casino No Download Casino
You can play on any computer, even if you haven't downloaded anything You can only play on one computer with downloadable casinos You can play on any computer with No Download casinos
Quicker to start playing
You don't need a very powerful computer
Games automatically update
Extra care is needed when logging in

There are pros and cons to playing at an instant play casino site in the USA.

Here are the main differences in 2017 between regular download gambling sites and casinos with no download:

  • At regular casinos, you can only play on the computer you downloaded the software onto.
  • No download casinos are quicker to get started playing at.
  • You might need a more powerful computer to download casino software.
  • The games automatically update on downloadable casinos.
  • You have to take extra care logging in to your account at browser-based gambling websites.

What's So Great About Instant Play Casino Sites?

Here's why players in the USA can't get enough of no download casino sites:

  • You don't need a cutting edge computer to play.
  • The casino takes up no computer memory.
  • You can play at work or at a friend's house without having to download any software.
  • You can play mobile versions of no download casinos anywhere you want!

Is My Computer Good Enough to Play Flash Casino Games?

Is My Computer Good Enough to Play Flash Casino Games?

If you're reading this on the Internet now, then yes your computer can most likely handle a browser-based casino without issue.

That's because unlike the full on downloadable casino software that's full of super-advanced graphics and sounds, instantly play casino games are designed to be played through the Internet.

You also don't need to worry about whether your computer has got enough memory to house huge files because you won't be downloading them when you play flash casino games.

For the best experience, make sure you've got the latest version of Flash installed. If you're not sure whether it needs updating or you want to get the latest version, you can download it for free on the website.

Staying Safe at Online Casino Instant Play Sites

Staying Safe at Online Casino Instant Play Sites

Online casino no download games are just as safe as their downloadable cousins, as long as you do it right.

The only security issue that arises from instant play casinos has to do with the location flexibility they give you. Thanks to the fact that you don't have to download anything onto your PC, you can access the casino from any computer using just your username and password.

Be careful if you're playing browser-based casinos in public places like Internet cafes or on work computers because unless you log out once you've finished, the next person that comes along will have access to your casino account.

A Warning for Mobile Instant Play Casino Players

If you're playing at mobile instant play casinos somewhere with a free Wi-Fi connection, like a coffee shop, make sure that the network is secure.

That's because fraudsters sometimes prey on open networks with no personal security. These scammers use their own software to steal credit card and identity details from unaware members of the public who are using the open network.

Playing on the Go

Playing on the Go

Not all no download casinos offer mobile versions of their sites but almost all of them do.

Over the last few years mobile instant play gaming has become incredibly popular across America and that's because of the fact it lets players play whenever they like.

With mobile no download casinos you can play on your phone, tablet, or laptop on the train, in a diner, at the park, at the gym, while waiting in line, in the doctor's waiting room, and literally any place where you have an Internet connection.

Top 5 No Download Casino Facts

  1. It's quicker and easier to join casinos with no download.
  2. You can play mobile instant play casino and no download poker games anywhere!
  3. Get the best experience by getting the latest Flash software for free from
  4. Browser-based are perfect for Mac players because they're guaranteed to be compatible.
  5. With mobile no download casino games you could become a millionaire on the way to work!

No Download Casinos FAQ

How do no download casino games work?

The same way as download casino games, but with less hassle. No download casino games are usually Flash-based and open up once you enter their page. Thanks to their software they allow you to play them in the browser instead of downloading an app.

How will they benefit my game?

They are quicker to start up and drop, you can play them from any Internet-enabled device, and they can be played from an older computer, so you won’t have to update your technology just to engage in some gambling.

Are these games safe for me to play?

They tend to be safer since you are not downloading anything onto your computer or mobile device. To prevent any external fraud, always use secure Wi-Fi networks when playing online.

Are download options better where possible?

Not really: no download games look after themselves – they update themselves, they are quicker to start up, and you can play them from any computer or mobile device. Download options tie you up to one device and need constant maintenance and updates.

How can I find the best no download casino site?

For names of casinos that are trustworthy check out our page of recommendations, where our experts have analyzed a number of popular online casinos and reviewed their behavior and features, so you don’t have to.

Will both download and no download casino games be available?

Some casinos allow you to choose, others offer only one of the options. It’s best to shop around a little before choosing your casino to make sure you are getting what you want.

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