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The best online casinos to play live dealer blackjack

Blackjack is a popular casino classic – It’s a simple card game to learn and the right strategy can help profit players. With live blackjack, you can chat to a real blackjack dealer, watch the cards being dealt in real time, and bet on the outcome of your hand.

We compare the best live blackjack casinos online that have:

  • Fast, secure online game play
  • Friendly live blackjack croupiers
  • The best casino welcome bonuses

For May 2024, our top rated Live Blackjack casino is McLuck.

We only recommend safe and secure sites:

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How We Rate Live Dealer Casino Sites

With an ‘Excellent’ 4.9/5 TrustPilot rating, we’ve been providing expert recommendations since 2004. Each casino we review is carefully evaluated according to eight essential factors:

  • Safety & Security
  • Payout Speed
  • Banking Options
  • Software Quality
  • Game Variety
  • Bonus Offers
  • Mobile Compatability
  • Customer Service

Read more about our eight-step review process

Online Casino Blacklist

Some online poker sites fail our testing standards to such a degree that we feel it necessary to publish them on our blacklist. A poker site can make it onto this list for a variety of reasons, but typically means the site has exhibited a history of bad behavior and receives lots of player complaints. Avoid any site we’ve listed on our poker blacklist.
Having faced accusations in the past for mishandling players’ funds, OddsPoker persists in its operations under the Antigua license; nonetheless, this doesn’t necessarily ensure a safe gaming environment.
While it was previously a prominent site catering to the US market, this site within the Merge network has demonstrated irregularities in terms of paying out players. Affiliates were then informed of the site’s cessation in June 2015.

How Does Live Dealer Blackjack Work?

Playing live blackjack online is simple. In fact, it’s as easy as playing any other regular online blackjack games.

  1. First, download the casino’s client and make sure your they offer live blackjack online with real dealers.

  2. Then, ensure your computer set-up is up to speed. It helps to have a great internet connection and top processing power so that the video stream is seamless and game play is fast.

  3. Once those things are set, you’ll be able to access live blackjack games online and play with live dealers in real time.

Live Blackjack Rules

The rules for live blackjack are exactly the same as real money blackjack you’d find at casinos. The basic premise to live dealer blackjack is to get closer to 21 than the dealer, without ever going over. Beat the dealer and you’ll win a prize, but lose or go over 21 and you won’t win a cent.

You’ll start with two cards and will then choose whether you want to receive more cards. When you’re as close to 21 as you dare, you can stop and pass the action over to the next player.

Overall, there’s no difference between standard blackjack rules and those used in live blackjack online. If you want a more thorough explanation of the gameplay, you can learn how to play blackjack here.

Betting Options in Live Blackjack

Just like regular online blackjack, your betting options with live dealer blackjack are:

  • Double Down: Placing another bet equal to your original bet. You then only receive one more card.
  • Hit: Asking the dealer for another card to try and reach 21.
  • Insurance: Placing a side bet that the dealer has Blackjack.
  • Split:  Splitting your hand if your first two cards are a pair. You’ll then have to place another bet equal to your original wager and play both hands.
  • Stand: Deciding you don’t want to receive another card as you might go bust.
  • Surrender: Surrendering half of your bet and taking back the other half after the dealer looks at his down card.

Learn How to Play Blackjack in 7 Steps

  1. Cards Are Dealt

    All players are dealt two cards, as is the dealer. The dealer will usually only reveal one of their cards

  2. Workout Your Overall Value

    Add up your cards to get an overall value (J, Q and K cards are worth 10, while aces are worth 1 or 11).

  3. Hit Or Stand

    Decide whether to hit (get another card) or stand (stick with the cards you’ve got).

  4. Get To 21

    Try and get as close to 21 as possible. Don’t go over as you’ll automatically lose, regardless of the dealer’s eventual hand

  5. The Dealer’s Turn

    The dealer will then take their turn. They will have to follow various rules, one of which is often that they must hit when they have 16 or less.

  6. Who’s The Closest To 21?

    If the dealer gets closer to 21 than you, you lose. If not, you’re a winner. If the dealer goes over 21, you’ll win, unless you went over 21 as well.

  7.  The Winnings

    If you win, you’ll receive a prize worth the same as your stake. Those getting Blackjack usually receive a prize worth 3:2.

Side Bets

Side bets are optional in some forms of blackjack. Essentially, you bet on a specific outcome happening in the game and if you bet correctly, you’ll win money.

Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs is the most popular blackjack game side bet. If you place the optional bet, you’ll need your first two cards to be a pair in order to win. It’s fun to play, however experts avoid the side bet, as it has a much higher house edge than the main game.


Look at your two cards and the dealer’s one showing card. If they form a straight, flush, three of a kind or straight flush, the hand is a winning one. A straight flush leads to the highest payout, however one is rarely seen.

Bet Behind

This is when someone not actually at the table bets on someone playing a hand. They then win money if the player they’ve bet on also wins money. This gets more people involved in the action, which is beneficial to the casino.

Types of Live Blackjack Games

There are quite a few different live casino blackjack games to choose from online, all of which have subtle – or not so subtle – variations to the rules. Check out five of the best online live dealer blackjack games below.


The standard version of blackjack is still regarded as the best my many. There’s a wide range of betting options and the gameplay is easy to follow. It’s perfect for those playing live blackjack for the first time.


Blackjack Party also follows the game’s standard rules, but why is it called a party? It’s because the room can be crammed full of people, as while there are only seven seats, unlimited numbers of players can bet behind. Two side bets are also offered.


As the name suggests, this game is for the higher stakes blackjack players out there. The minimum stake is usually $50 and the rules follow the standard format and there are two optional side bets.

Common Draw

In this game, everyone (aside from the dealer) plays using the same set of cards. Once the cards are dealt, players take it in turns to choose their action. The next card is then dealt and those still in the game choose what to do again. It’s a fast game that allows the maximum number of hands per hour.

Live Blackjack Bonuses

Blackjack players can find many casino bonuses online. While some are general bonuses, which can be used to play any games, the best online live dealer blackjack bonuses are aimed specifically at the one game. These generally have more favorable terms and conditions, plus they can be worth large sums.

Deposit Bonuses

These are the most common casino bonuses. You’ll need to make a deposit, and the casino will then add an extra percentage onto it. For example, depositing $20 and getting a 200% bonus would see an extra $40 placed into your account.

No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses are given without you having to make any kind of financial commitment. They’re not often seen at live casinos and are usually only worth small sums, but they’re still worth claiming.


Cashback is often given at live casino games. The premise is simple: over specified times, the casino will refund back a percentage of your overall losses, up to a predetermined maximum amount.

Live Blackjack on Mobile

Nowadays it’s easy to find mobile live blackjack sites, as well as live blackjack apps for both iOS and Android devices. Both options usually have intuitive designs to make gameplay simple, plus players will win the same prizes as those using desktop. It is important to remember that live games require better internet connections, so we’d recommend using a Wi-Fi connection or, at worst, a 4G mobile connection.

Live Dealer Blackjack Hits and Misses


  • Enjoy interaction with a real dealer, as if you were at a live Vegas casino.
  • As you’re playing online, there’s no need to wait for a game at a crowded table.
  • Play with your friends at home – they can give you advice on your next play and help you beat the dealer.
  • Play live blackjack with no hassle. You could place your first bet in your front room in seconds!


  • If you’re used to the fast pace of regular online blackjack, you might not like the slower speed of live blackjack as you wait for the dealer to shuffle and deal.
  • It may be trickier to find live blackjack games with low limits

We Find The Best Live Blackjack Online For You

There are plenty of live blackjack options for online gamblers – just take a look at our shortlist of the best live blackjack sites! We regularly update our list as more and more live dealer casinos become available. Start winning live blackjack in your living room with our help. Good luck!

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Live Dealer Blackjack FAQ

What is a game of live dealer blackjack like?

Live dealer blackjack games are the same as standard online blackjack games, with the exception of the human dealer opposite you. They also run at a slightly different pace than the online version since they involve more real people. Most of the game looks the same: you have the cards, the buttons, the bets, but the dealing of the cards is done by a human dealer who controls the pace and announces bets and winners.

Where can I find live blackjack games?

In all the major casinos. Online gaming can seem very impersonal for some players, so knowing that, casinos have started hiring live dealers to offer around-the-clock live games for their players. Thus, all the large casinos have live blackjack rooms.

How does standard online blackjack compare?

The games of standard and live dealer blackjack follow the same rules and steps but the live dealer version feels more exciting and there is real-time interaction between the dealer and the player. The minimum bets allowed in live dealer blackjack also tend to be higher than in the fully electronic version.

How many decks does the dealer use?

Usually, dealers use 6 or 8 decks, but they could deal with 7, too. Live blackjack offers all the variations and options of a regular online blackjack game.

Can you count cards in live blackjack?

Yes, you can, although casinos don’t like it when players use this technique. Cards can be counted just like they are in land-based casinos, as the dealer won’t shuffle the deck after every hand. However, casinos don’t like it when players card count for obtaining an edge during the game, so be careful as you may be kicked off from the site.

Do I need a fast internet connection?

You don’t need to have a mega-fast internet connection, but you will need a better connection than you’ll need for standard casino games. We would always suggest trying to play when connected to a Wi-Fi network, as they’re more reliable, however 4G and 5G connections should also be good enough.

Will I be able to use a strategy?

You can try. The internet is full of strategies trying to convince you that using them will lead to your immediate win. Remember that blackjack is still a type of gambling, and you are playing the odds to win. There are no sure-fire strategies. It is also important to note that live dealer blackjack games have their decks shuffled more often to prevent card counting. Just trust your luck.

Can I play on mobile?

Yes. The prevalence of mobile devices has finally pushed casinos to create smooth-running, easy-to-use mobile apps which give you the opportunity of playing wherever you are. Keep in mind, though, that live dealer games are heavier on the data demand than software-based ones, so unless you have an unlimited data plan, a wireless Internet connection will be a good choice when playing.

Are live blackjack games safe?

Yes. Online casinos are vetted by national and international legal organizations, as well as by external auditors, which focus on preventing unfair practices. As long as you choose a recommended, well-known casino, you will take part only in fair games.

Is live blackjack rigged?

No, online live blackjack games are not rigged. Being able to physically see the dealer shuffle and deal the cards should reassure you. This is assuming you choose to play at the best online blackjack sites, like the ones we have recommended at the top of this page.