WSOP: GGPoker Starts Online Bracelet Series on Sunday, US Events Begin Sept. 14

The World Series of Poker in Las Vegas may be over, but players in both the United States and the rest of the globe will have chances to win bracelets, rings, and piles of cash online starting this weekend. 

GGPoker WSOP 2022

WSOP bracelet events are coming to GGPoker in August. The Main Event has a $10 million guarantee. (Image: WSOP)

Outside the US, GGPoker will spread 33 bracelet events from Aug. 14 to Sept. 27. This is the third year WSOP has teamed up with GGPoker for its online festival.

The $5,000 No-Limit World Championship will carry a guarantee of $20 million. In 2020, this event made it into the Guinness Book of World Records after 5,802 players built a prize pool of $27,559,500 — the largest ever seen online. The tournament missed its guarantee in 2021, however, creating an overlay of more than $500K.

Some of the highlights of the schedule include: 

  • $400 Colossus with $3 million guaranteed
  • $1,500 Millionaire Maker with $5 million guaranteed
  • $210 Million Dollar Mystery Bounty with a $10 million guaranteed and a top bounty of $1 million

In the US markets, the online bracelet Series runs from Sept. 10 to Oct. 18. While 33 bracelets will be won in the combined market of Nevada and New Jersey, players who live on the poker islands that are Pennsylvania and Michigan will play for just six bracelets in each state — one each weekend. The guarantees for those series haven’t been released, but some of the schedule’s highlights are:

  • $500 Monster Stack: Sunday, Sept. 11, in all markets
  • $777 Lucky 7’s: Sunday, Oct. 2, in all markets
  • $1,000 WSOP Online 2022 Championship Sunday: Oct. 16, in all markets
  • $10K Super High Roller: Tuesday, Oct. 18 (NV/NJ Only)

Satellites will be offered for all of these events, and all bracelet winners will be entered into next year’s Tournament of Champions, a $1 million freeroll that takes place at the end of the WSOP next summer.

Start running the WSOP Online Circuit on Friday 

In the US, 36 rings will be won during the WSOP Online Circuit, which starts on Friday evening and finishes on Aug. 23.

If the Circuit series that took place in June is any indication, players in Pennsylvania and Michigan will see some events with overlays. One of the events missed its promise by $15K, while several others missed by nearly $10K. The tourneys held in New Jersey and Nevada met or exceeded their guarantees in June.

Like the bracelet events, winners of Circuit events — both live and online —  will also win entry into next year’s Tournament of Champions freeroll.

WSOP/GGPoker Online Bracelet Series Schedule
Sunday, Aug. 142:30 pmThe Housewarming$500
Sunday, Aug. 143 pmEvery 1 for War Relief$1,111
Tuesday, Aug. 165 pmLimit Hold’em Championship$2,500
Thursday, Aug. 185 pmBounty Deepstack NLH$1,050
Saturday, Aug. 205 pm6-Handed Bounty NLH$315
Sunday, Aug. 213 pmMonster Stack NLH$800
Sunday, Aug. 216:30 pm$1M Mystery Bounty$210
Tuesday, Aug. 235 pm6-Handed NLH Championship$5,000
Thursday, Aug. 255 pmBounty PLO$525
Saturday, Aug. 275 pmHeads-Up NLH Championship$10,000
Sunday, Aug. 283 pmDouble Stack Bounty NLH$400
Sunday, Aug. 286 pmSuper Million$ High Roller NLH$10,000
Sunday, Aug. 286:30 pmMillionaire Maker NLH$1,500
Tuesday, Aug. 305 pmDeepstack Championship NLH$2,500
Thursday, Sept. 15 pmLucky 7s Bounty 7-Handed NLH$777
Saturday, Sept. 35 pmUltra Deepstack NLH$1,500
Sunday, Sept. 43 pmThe Big 500 NLH$500
Sunday, Sept. 46:31 pmFlip & Go NLH$100
Tuesday, Sept. 65 pmPLO Championship$5,000
Thursday, Sept. 85 pmCrazy 8s Bounty 8-Handed NLH$888
Saturday, Sept. 105 pmLadies NLH Championship$500
Sunday, Sept. 115 pmGG Masters High Roller Freezeout$1,050
Sunday, Sept. 116:30 pmPLOSSUS$400
Tuesday, Sept. 13 5 pmBounty NLH Championship$2,100
Thursday, Sept. 155 pmSuperstack Turbo Bounty NLH$315
Saturday, Sept. 175 pmDouble Chance NLH$1,000
Sunday, Sept. 18 3 pmFifty Stack Bounty NLH$1,500
Sunday, Sept. 186:30 pmColossus$400
Tuesday, Sept. 205 pmShort Deck Championship$5,000
Thursday, Sept. 225 pm6-Handed Bounty NLH$840
Saturday, Sept. 245 pmBeat the Pros$1,050
Sunday, Sept. 253 pmThe Closer$500
Sunday, Sept. 256:30 pmMain Event$5,000 Online Bracelet Series Schedule (NV/NJ)
DateTime (ET)EventBuy-In
Saturday, Sept. 103:30 pmNLH Series Kick-Off$400
Sunday, Sept. 113:30 pmNLH Monster Stack$500
Sunday, Sept. 114:30 pmNLH High Roller$3,200
Tuesday, Sept. 134 pmPLO 6-Max$1,000
Thursday, Sept. 154 pmNLH Turbo Deepstack$500
Saturday, Sept. 173:30 pmNLH Ultra Deepstack$800
Sunday, Sept. 183:30 pmNLH$365
Sunday, Sept. 184:30 pmNLH 6-Max$1,000
Tuesday, Sept. 204 pmNLH Deepstack Championship$600
Thursday, Sept. 224 pmNLH$2,500
Saturday, Sept. 243:30 pmPLO 6-Max$400
Sunday, Sept. 253:30 pmNLH Ultra Deepstack$400
Sunday, Sept. 254:30 pmNLH$1,000
Tuesday, Sept. 274 pmNLH 6-Max$500
Thursday, Sept. 294 pmTurbo Deepstack$365
Saturday, Oct. 13:30 pmNLH Deepstack$500
Sunday, Oct. 23:30 pmLucky 7s$777
Sunday, Oct. 24:40 pmNLH Turbo Deepstack$1,000
Tuesday, Oct. 44 pmNLH$1,500
Thursday, Oct. 64 pmNLH Turbo$500
Saturday, Oct. 83:30 pmNLH 6-Max$600
Sunday, Oct. 93:30 pmBig 500 NLH$500
Sunday, Oct. 94:30 pmNLH$1,500
Tuesday, Oct. 114 pmLucky 7s High Roller$7,777
Wednesday, Oct. 124 pmNLH 8-Max$2,000
Thursday, Oct. 134 pmHigh-Roller 6-Max$3,200
Friday, Oct. 144 pmNLH Super Turbo$500
Saturday, Oct. 153:30 pmNLH Monster Stack$365
Sunday, Oct. 163:30 pmNLH Championship$1,000
Sunday, Oct. 164:30 pmHigh Roller$5,300
Monday, Oct. 174 pmNLH Deep Freeze$600
Tuesday, Oct. 184 pmSuper High Roller 8-Max$10,000
Tuesday, Oct. 184:30 pmFall Finale$500 Online Bracelet Schedule (PA/MI)
DateTime (Local)EventBuy-In
Sunday, Sept. 116 pmNLH Monster Stack$500
Sunday, Sept. 186 pmNLH$365
Sunday, Sept. 256 pmNLH Ultra Deep Stack PKO$400
Sunday, Oct. 26 pmNLH Lucky 7s$777
Sunday, Oct. 96 pmNLH Big 500$500
Sunday, Oct. 166 pmNLH Championship$1,000

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