Unibet Poker Continues to Innovate with New MTT-Friendly Redesign

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Unibet Poker has rolled out a major software upgrade that aims to capitalize on the recent interest in online MTTs.

Unibet Poker 3.0
Unibet Poker released a major update that introduces a range of features, including a new table design. (Image: Unibet Poker)

With COVID-19 lockdowns prompting a surge in online tournament activity, Unibet jumped on the bandwagon with its latest update.

Dubbed Unibet Poker 3.0, the new software was released on Tuesday, just in time for the operator’s €1 million MTT series.

New Features Accompany Standard Updates

The update contains a number of standard bug fixes and mechanical tweaks, but the most interesting aspects of Unibet Poker 3.0 can be found in the redesigned interface.

Unibet Poker MTT lobby
A look at the new Unibet Poker MTT lobby. (Image: Unibet Poker)

Focusing on desktop and mobile sites, Unibet’s developers implemented the following changes:

  • The lobby can be resized at will
  • Players can now play using the mobile web client and the Unibet Poker app
  • Mobile users can scroll through the lobby and play games in portrait mode
  • Tournaments can now be marked as favorites and filtered into and out of view as required
  • MTT breaks have been extended from five to six minutes
  • Each MTT lobby shows the tournament’s estimated duration so players can plan ahead based on the predicted start and finish times
  • Players can enable “colored bet amounts” allowing them to read the action at a glance when they’re multi-tabling

Of the features introduced, colored bets and estimated tournament duration are the most interesting. Aside from being unique, these features will make it easier for every type of player to maximize their time online.

Unibet Poker Catering to Casuals and Professionals

Colored bets will help professional players who choose to multi-table. For novices, the estimated tournament duration is useful, particularly during the week when work is a consideration.

unibet poker table
Some players aren’t happy with the new table design. (Image: Unibet)

Since it moved away from the Microgaming Poker Network (MPN) and launched a standalone platform, Unibet Poker has made casual players a priority. This demographic often can’t play throughout the night like pros can. Therefore, having an idea of when a tournament will end is ideal for these conditions.

Recreational players can now decide whether an MTT is worth staying up late for or not. Of course, there’s no guarantee the estimate will be accurate. However, even a ballpark figure will help.

Unibet Poker has taken a different approach to other operators in recent years but it’s a strategy that’s paid off. Even though it sits just outside of the top 10 largest poker networks, it’s won numerous awards alongside its software partner Relax Gaming.

The latest update feeds into this desire to offer a unique experience but, as ever, certain changes have divided players. On the whole, reactions have been positive.

“Super nice and intuitive redesign. It looks fresh. Just getting accustomed to it. Great work,” said Unibet Poker user El-Hefazo.

However, there have also been reports of bugs and some complaints from players who prefer the old design.

“Very bad graphics. Too small. The cards look awful. My vote for the new client is negative. The old one was better,” Boby wrote on the Unibet Poker forum.

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