Americas Cardroom Smashes US Record as TRT-Vitor Wins Venom for $1.3 Million

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The latest incarnation of Venom is over and the decision to raise the guarantee paid off for host site Americas Cardroom.

Venom Americas Cardroom
TRT-Vitor won the latest version of Venom on Americas Cardroom and a top prize worth almost $1.4 million. (Image: Twitch/Americas Cardroom)

Three starting days between July 24 and August 2 saw 3,872 entrants join the $2,650 MTT. That pushed the prize pool to a record-breaking $9.6 million and allowed the winner, TRT-Vitor, to take home more than $1.3 million.

The finale kicked off on Wednesday with just eight players remaining. TRT-Vitor led from the start and never faltered on route to winning the title.

Americas Cardroom Breaks US Online MTT Record

Americas Cardroom announced its third incarnation of Venom in July. The previous two installments both surpassed their guarantees, so the operator set the guarantee for this year’s event at $7 million.

That made Venom the biggest online poker tournament offered by a US-facing poker site. Americas Cardroom doesn’t hold a US gaming license, but it is available to players in the US. Therefore, the proclaimed record could be up for debate.

Technicalities aside, Venom III attracted almost 4,000 entrants, which is an impressive turnout for any $2,650 MTT.  The $9.6 million prizepool was split among 432 players, with those making it through to the finale banking a minimum of $129,712.

With the top two finishers guaranteed at least $1.1 million, Venom’s value now rivals that of major MTT hosted by the likes of PokerStars, Partypoker, or GGPoker.

TRT-Vitor was well aware of that fact when the cards started flying. With 353 million chips and the blinds at 2 million/4 million, the American started strong, but it was FORRESTRANFAR who struck first.

Silskyer moved all-in with A♣ T♠ on a K♠ 5♠ A♥ flop. FORRESTRANFAR called with K♦ 8♦ and took the lead when the 8♠ fell on the turn. The 6♦ on the river couldn’t save Silskyer and, just like that, the final table was down to seven.

From this point on it became the TRT-Vitor and FORRESTRANFAR show. The two biggest stacks took control of the action as those around them fell. Inevitably, they found themselves deep stacked and heads-up for the title.

TRT-Vitor Takes It Down, Venom’s Reputation Rises

With 74 big blinds effective, TRT-Vitor and FORRESTRANFAR decided to cut a deal. TRT-Vitor took a guaranteed $1.3 million, leaving FORRESTRANFAR with $1.2 million and $25,000 left to play for.

Even though the deal was lucrative for both players, it took another 30 minutes before the tournament ended. TRT-Vitor finally landed the decisive blow after almost two hours of play at the final table.

A betting war on a 3♥ 6♥ 7♦ flop ended with FORRESTRANFAR moving all-in with A♥ 5♥. TRT-Vitor called with pocket kings and held onto the lead as the T♠ and J♠ fell on the turn and river.

That hand brought Venom III to a close and made two players millionaires. Moreover, it solidified the MTT as one of the best in the world. Americas Cardroom may not have the same presence as PokerStars et al, but Venom has shown it’s got some serious bite.

$2,650 Venom III Results

  1. 1. TRT-Vitor – $1,394,821*
  2. 2. FORRESTRANFAR – $1,282,666*
  3. 3. Cachingaling – $836,352
  4. 4. Way2eazy – $587,576
  5. 5. Tayhaywill – $420,112
  6. 6. Freddy adu – $323312
  7. 7. Bussjuugs – $226,512
  8. 8. Silskyer – $129,712

*Reflects a deal.

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