Second Man Arrested in Chad Power Home Invasion Case

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The second of two men accused of stealing roughly $1 million in cash and casino chips from Las Vegas poker pro Chad Power has been arrested in Nevada. Trevaghn Battle, 26, faces multiple felony charges related to the Feb. 10 burglary at Power’s Henderson home.

Trevaghn Battle, Chad Power
Henderson, Nevada, police have arrested Trevaghn Battle (left), the second person to be charged in the armed home-invasion burglary of Chad Power’s (right) Henderson residence in February. (Images: Henderson PD, MarylandLivePoker)

Battle joins the other man charged in the armed home-invasion style theft, 32-year-old Brock Brewer, who was arrested in May and charged with eight felonies. Battle, like Brewer, has a long police record, most recently being charged in late 2020 in an unrelated case of sexual assault, conspiracy, and sex trafficking of an adult.

Battle was already wanted by authorities when the February burglary took place. He was detained on the 2020 charges on Saturday before being hit with additional charges connected to the Power home invasion. Battle is currently jailed on a $250,000 bond. An update from Las Vegas’s 8NewsNow about the burglary-related charges stated that Battle may have spent some time in Miami, hoping to evade arrest on the 2020 sexual assault charges.

Power received anonymous tips about home invaders

The 8NewsNow update adds some information to that already known from Brewer’s arrest in May.

Power initially notified Henderson police of the break-in on February 10 after receiving an alert from his home security system. Two men, who were captured maskless on security footage, kicked in the back door of Power’s apartment. One of the men, later identified as Brewer, was seen carrying Power’s home safe away on his shoulder.

Power later received several tips about the burglars’ identities, turning those over to the Henderson police as well. Several of the tipsters identified Brewer, and at least one tipster named Battle as well. According to the 8NewsNow update, Brewer also appears to have identified a person matching Battle’s description as his co-conspirator during a jailhouse interview, though it’s unclear if he identified Battle by name.

Despite, that authorities were able to prove that the two men communicated with each other by cell phone in the days surrounding the robbery, and they were also to pinpoint their location via GPS — inside Power’s apartment — during the hours when the burglary allegedly occurred.

Five felony charges for Battle so far

In addition to his existing legal issues, Battle (full name Trevaghn Deandre Battle) faces five felony charges in connection with the million-dollar burglary from Power’s residence. Those charges include:

  • Home invasion with a deadly weapon
  • Burglary in possession of a firearm or deadly weapon
  • Theft greater than $100,000
  • Owning a gun by a prohibited person
  • Conspiracy home invasion

Battle faces a preliminary hearing at 9:30am on July 20 on all eight counts — the three from the 2020 sexual assault, and the five from the home-invasion burglary at Power’s residence in February. He has already received a court-appointed attorney.

It’s unknown if authorities recovered any assets Battle may have obtained with the stolen money; Brewer is alleged to have used some of the stolen cash to buy at least two high-end automobiles in his mother’s name.

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