Randy Ohel: I Don’t See a Future for Myself in Poker

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Randy Ohel has long been one of the top mixed cash game players in the world. And he still loves poker, he claims, but says he no longer sees a future in this industry.

Randy Ohel poker
Will Randy Ohel give up poker for good? (Image: commercasino.com)

Ohel fired off a series of tweets explaining his current views on the poker industry. He began the tweetstorm by writing, “This is probably the most important thread, at least to me, that I’ve ever written, and I hope everyone will read it For the first time, I can truly say that I don’t see a future for myself in the industry that I once loved.”

He continued to explain that “poker is no longer a game where you can play any game you want” so long as you have the buy-in. The poker pro is eluding to the private games that have popped up in many of the card rooms across the US. In these games, typically played at the highest stakes but also some mid-stakes, certain players aren’t permitted to play.

The casinos don’t keep a list of players who aren’t permitted to join private games. But the hosts of the games will take certain measures to prevent many pros from entering the game. Private games are usually hosted by a pro who invites mostly recreational players to the game. Skilled pros such as Randy Ohel are blocked from entering many of these games. The pro host attempts to bring the fish to the table so the games are soft and profitable.

Randy Ohel Done with Poker?

Ohel, a 2012 WSOP bracelet winner, continued expressing his frustrations with the poker industry. He defended his character at the table and said he isn’t aware of any behavioral issues that could be preventing him from being permitted to play in certain games.

“I’ve tried to do everything the right way. I could’ve stolen tens of thousands of dollars from people who trusted me and gotten away with it, but I never did. I have always said that being able to sleep at night is the most important thing to me,” Ohel wrote.

Ohel then admitted he isn’t sure what to do with his future if poker isn’t a permanent career path. He asked the Twitter world for a bit of advice.

“If anyone has an idea for a 35 y/o man who’s smart and has a fairly wide breadth of knowledge with zero formal education, I’m all ears,” the mixed games crusher wrote.

Ohel refused to mention the specific card room he is referring to but refused to do so. He was asked about Aria, a Las Vegas poker room that is notorious for hosting some of the highest stakes private games on the Strip. But he responded, “Certainly not about any specific property. I’m not aware of any casino anymore where private games are not allowed. I’m going to leave it at that.”


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