PokerStars Starts 2019 with a Bang as Grinders Bank Spin & Go Jackpots (VIDEO)

PokerStars has started the year on a high and got the upper-hand on Partypoker thanks to two low stakes players winning more than $200,000 in Spin & Go jackpots.

PokerStars Spin & Go

Low players on PokerStars have won a combined $220,000 after spending just $22 on two Spin & Go tournaments. (Image: My Poker Coaching)

As the revelry of New Year’s Eve faded, Brazilian grinder jmaciel157 was the first to strike it rich courtesy of PokerStars’ lottery-style games. Paying $15 to sit down in a PLO Spin & Go, the online player was initially competing for a 4X jackpot.

Small Stakes Lead to Big Wins

Their attention quickly switched though as a second PLO Spin & Go activated the $15 jackpot. After stopping on the 12,000X multiplier, the Brazilian and their two tablemates were in line to win a share $180,000.

Under the terms of play, two of the three players were guaranteed $15,000 each, while the winner would take home $150,000.

Within seven hands, jmaciel157 was in control with 1,230 chips. Following the demise of antidrasi198 in third, Edushpk was the next player to fall after jmaciel157 turned an unbeatable flush.

Limping pre-flop with J♦3♣T♣2♠, jmaciel157 watched as their opponent checked and the flop rolled out: 4♣6♣2♦. Despite having the nut straight, Edushpk was still in danger after check-shoving with T♦3♠7♦5♠.

Making the call, jmaciel157 watched as the 5♣ on the turn locked up the hand before the 4♦ ended the tournament and gave him a $150,000 payday.

Just a day after jmaciel157 turned $15 into $150,000, Gy.Tomi was performing a similar feat. Primarily a low stakes sit & go player, the Hungarian hit the big time in a $7 Spin & Go.


Before scooping the jackpot, Gy.Tomi was all-in and needing help on the river against Columnist53. Facing a classic 50/50 Hold’em pre-flop race, Gy.Tomi’s A♠K♠ was soon in bad shape as the board ran out 7♦Q♥T♣8♠ (see video above).

However, after the J♣ landed on the river, the online player scooped the pot and $70,000.

Perfect Start to 2019 for PokerStars

For PokerStars, the Spin & Go jackpots are the perfect start to 2019. With its rivalry with Partypoker set to continue throughout the year, news of low stakes winners striking it rich will give the operator a timely PR boost.

With the news coming at the same time PokerStars Players Championship (PSPC) became the biggest ever live $25,000 tournament, PokerStars is certainly on a high.

In fact, despite ending the year with one less online record thanks to Partypoker’s Millions Online MTT, the company has already marked its intent to be bigger and better in 2019.

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Daniel Smyth
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