Partypoker Celebrates: Millions Online Hits $20M Guarantee to Become Largest Online Poker Tournament Ever

December 4th, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Partypoker dispelled the notion that poker — and more specifically, online poker — is dead. The internet poker site’s $5,300 Millions Online event on Monday hit its $20 million guarantee, making it the largest single online poker tournament ever.

partypoker online poker

Partypoker Millions Online, a $5,300 buy-in event, hit its $20 million guarantee and is now the largest online poker tournament in history. (Image: Twitter)

As Day 1D on Monday progressed and the tournament approached the 4,000 players needed to hit the guarantee, company employees watched the countdown in anticipation. And then when the ticker hit the milestone, a celebration ensued.

You’d think they just landed a rover on Mars, or maybe won the World Cup.

The winner in this historic event will take home $2.5 million, also one of the largest prizes ever for a single, non-high roller online tournament.

They Said $20M Couldn’t be Done

Naysayers — and there were many of them — didn’t expect the Millions Online to hit the $20 million guarantee. After all, Partypoker doesn’t have near the player base of its main competitor – PokerStars.

Had PokerStars – the world’s largest online poker site – hosted this tournament, more poker players probably would have predicted success. But a strong marketing campaign helped the “smaller” site set the record.

Word quickly got around once Partypoker announced the event. CardsChat’s forum helped spread word and our news team covered the story last month.

But it wasn’t just CardsChat buzzing. Other poker media outlets told their readers, too, and soon the Millions Online was attracting real attention on social media as the poker community began to recognize that this could be a historic event.

Millions Online surpassed the 2010 PokerStars WCOOP ($12.2 million) for largest internet poker tournament ever. PokerStars holds many iPoker records. That includes the September 2018 WCOOP, which exceeded $100 million in money awarded, making it the biggest overall online poker series in history.

Life-Changing Money

If the eventual Millions Online winner isn’t already wealthy, he or she will be soon. The champion, awarded tomorrow, will receive $2.5 million.

Registration closed on Monday with 4,367 entries. Day Two began on Tuesday and the bubble is expected to burst early.

Some big name pros made Day Two, including Fedor Holz who livestreamed his Day One session on Twitch. The German superstar who also represents Partypoker was an online poker legend before crush the live high-roller scene.

Holz brought a playable stack to Day Two (11.9 million). Philipp Gruissem, another German crusher, had an impressive first session. He finished Day 1B as the overall chip leader (26.7 million).

Gruissem and Holz have combined for nearly $44 million in live tournament winnings. What’s another $2.5 million going to do for them?

In case you’re curious how the Millions Online compares to the largest live poker tournament, it doesn’t. The 2006 WSOP Main Event — won by Jamie Gold for $12 million — had an $82.5 million prize pool.

The $21.78 million prize pool Millions Online, if it were a live event, would rank 21st all-time, just ahead of the 2015 Super High Roller Bowl which paid $21.5 million to the players.

8 Responses to “Partypoker Celebrates: Millions Online Hits $20M Guarantee to Become Largest Online Poker Tournament Ever”

  1. korneel says:

    Nice to see a poker site, other than PS, break an online record!
    I hope this starts an intresting ‘war’ between the two sites.

  2. bruno13xs says:

    nor did he imagine Partypoker would be the biggest online poker site. because I always played at pokerstars, I’m sure I’ll also start playing at the partypoker because it’s always good to meet new players so you can better develop your game

  3. makisaa says:

    Great competition has positive results for poker products available for poker players. I expect to see bigger variety of poker games, and new ideas about them. This will attract more players in the games and it will really rise the prize pools much more.

  4. playinggameswithu says:

    Stars needs to crush this record.

  5. IlyaSavinov says:

    One of the top rooms!
    Great online event, today someone will become a millionaire, good luck to him!
    I think this room will soon bypass Poker Stars.

  6. Arromask says:

    Ух ты, один из поводов начать играть на Party Poker, сегодня же зарегистрируюсь на этом покер Руме. Новый Рум,новые знакомые, новые ощущения)))) Удачи и процветания Party Poker!!!!!

  7. Syltan says:

    To be honest, I was one of the skeptics who was sure that Patypoker will not be able to recapture the guaranteed prize pool, but they do not stop this year Patypoker simply unstoppable!!! Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!!! The main thing that did not stop there and continued to push pokerStars for a belt!!!

  8. BentleyBoy says:

    Nice one. You can imagine the execs watching the count down and praying for those last few players to buy in to hit that magic target and their relief when it actually did. Nice to see party smash the record and looking forward to who ever or whatever sets the next record. Who will it be? Or can party keep it for some time. The challenge has to be there.

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