Poker World Still Split on Hustler Casino Live Controversy

Nearly a week after the hand heard around the world on the “Hustler Casino Live” stream, people are still debating as to what actually happened between Garrett Adelstein and Robbi Jade Lew. In case you missed out on the controversy, you can read our recap of the controversial hand

Garrett Adelstein still in shock after losing a massive hand to jack high. (Image: USA Today)

High Stakes Poker Productions, the company that runs “Hustler Casino Live,” released a statement saying that they’re in the process of hiring a law firm to conduct a thorough investigation of the hand. They say they could use a polygraph machine, if needed, in the investigation, but concluded by saying that no evidence of wrongdoing has been found to this point. 

Adelstein’s statement called into question

Perhaps just as controversial as the hand itself was the decision for Lew to give Adelstein his money back after the discussion they had off camera with “Hustler Casino Live” co-founder Ryan Feldman. In Adelstein’s initial statement, he says that Lew originally offered to give him the money back and that he had accepted. 

Feldman has since gone on the record saying that it was Adelstein’s idea for Lew to give him the money back. For some, this changes their position on the matter, calling Adelstein’s character into question. 

As for the latest from the two players at the center of the controversy, Lew has quote-tweeted a few comments made in her defense, including the one below from Matt Glantz, where she says he nails the description of what happened. 

On the other side, Adelstein hasn’t tweeted since September 30, when he implied that he accepted her offer to play heads-up for high stakes. Adelstein has also been liking some tweets that have come to his defense as recently as October 3.

Poker Twitter continues to debate 

Poker pros were trading so many opinions with each other on Twitter throughout the weekend that Cracking Aces created a spreadsheet detailing where certain players fall on the matter. 

That spreadsheet might need some updating, as Mike Matusow claims that after going back and forth, he now thinks Lew didn’t cheat and, instead, believes she may have been under the influence of pills or drugs. 

2013 WSOP Main Event champion Ryan Riess is strongly of the belief that Lew didn’t cheat and, instead, made a good call. Riess is known for making his own incredible call when he called all in on the river with 10-high in an EPT Monaco event. His hand was good by the way.

Despite saying that he thinks Adelstein handled the aftermath poorly, former high-stakes heads-up pro Doug Polk put together an extensive video on the matter, where he makes it clear that he believes Lew was cheating in some way

Online poker legend Phil Galfond also penned a lengthy Twitter thread where he breaks down his thoughts on the hand. The overall conclusion is that he is fairly confident Lew did not cheat in the hand. 

Six-time WSOP bracelet winner Daniel Negreanu posted a few thoughts on his Twitter, drawing much discussion and deliberation in the comments. Throughout each point, Negreanu seems to make it clear that he doesn’t believe there was any foul play, and that Lew was simply flustered throughout the entire hand and its aftermath. He has also posted a poll where 77% of respondents think that Adelstein should give the money back.

Where do you stand on the drama? Do you think Lew cheated or was simply a rookie player committing a comedy of errors to make it seem like that? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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Kevin Taylor

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