OJ Simpson Gets Lifetime Ban from Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas

OJ Simpson Gets Lifetime Ban from Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas after His Presence Causes Ruckus

November 10th, 2017 by Jon Sofen

In news that might come as a surprise to exactly no one, OJ Simpson found himself in trouble Wednesday evening. The former football star and accused double-murderer, barely a month removed from a nine-year prison sentence for armed robbery, was banned for life from the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip for allegedly acting “unruly” under the influence of alcohol.

OJ Simpson at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas

OJ Simpson spotted at the Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Wednesday, moments before being banned from the property. (Image: Twitter / @BrianMunzTSN)

The Juice has been on the loose since Oct. 1, when he was released on parole from Lovelock Correctional Center, a prison in northern Nevada, after spending nearly a decade behind bars for a crime he committed at another Las Vegas casino, Palace Station.

After being released, Simpson made the 450-mile trip south to Sin City and arrived just hours before the mass shooting at the Route 91 country music festival. OJ has not been implicated in that incident.

Paparazzi on Scene

Wherever OJ goes, so goes TMZ. The celebrity-stalking publication has been following Simpson around Las Vegas since his release from prison. On Wednesday, a reporter interviewed hotel staffers to get the scoop on the Juice’s behavior, and reported that some said he was drunk and acting unruly at Clique, an upscale bar.

TMZ claims that casino employees said security arrived at the scene and permanently banned the 1968 Heisman Trophy winner from the property for life. They did not say how long he was there before security had to be called.

Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne, told the Associated Press that evidence shows that Simpson wasn’t intoxicated or belligerent, and that he wasn’t sure why his client got banned from the casino.

Whether or not OJ was drunk is a big deal because, as part of his parole, he must refrain from getting intoxicated or using drugs, or run the risk of being shipped back to slammer to finish out the remaining 22 years of his sentence.

LaVergne said Simpson contacted his parole officer on Thursday and submitted to a drug and alcohol test, which he passed.

Troubled Past, Uncertain Future

OJ Simpson, now 70, rushed for more than 11,000 yards in the NFL, mostly with the Buffalo Bills, following a stellar college career at USC, and was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 1985. After his career, he took up acting and sports broadcasting, starring in the hit comedy flick ‘The Naked Gun,’ and providing sideline commentary during NFL games on CBS.

He had a squeaky clean public image, but that all changed when he was arrested in 1994 for allegedly stabbing to death his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. OJ had previously been arrested or accused of beating his then-wife multiple times but few outside of his inner circle knew of these transgressions.

Despite a plethora of evidence to the contrary, including blood samples matching his DNA at the crime scene and on his vehicle, OJ was acquitted of murder charges in 1995 at the conclusion of what was dubbed the “trial of the century.” But in the court of public opinion, he remains guilty.

Simpson’s reputation is tarnished for life, and when he was arrested in 2008 for armed robbery in a failed attempt to retrieve some of his football memorabilia, many hoped justice would finally be served. He received a sentence of nine-to-33 years in prison, and due to good behavior, he was eligible for parole after serving the minimum.

Many don’t think he’s served enough time. If OJ insists on making scenes around Las Vegas casinos, odds are good that his days behind bars won’t be over.

7 Responses to “OJ Simpson Gets Lifetime Ban from Cosmopolitan Casino in Las Vegas after His Presence Causes Ruckus”

  1. chicopaw says:

    LOL.here we go again, OJ has a omen that follows him.Returning to vegas is where he knows many people that would help him financially, but is also where he finally was caught and sent to jail,being 70 years old anyone in there right mind would and should stay low, mostly when just being paroled.Call it Stupitiy ,full of himself, gods gift-not !!,..i sure wouldn’t be pushing the rules of law when there is chance of returning to prison and living the few valuable years left with the thought of passing away behind bars. some never learn



  3. John_3_16 says:

    Judge not lest ye be judged. That being said, it is obvious to most that OJ is his own worst enemy.

    Just released with parole rules barring his using party favours, he chooses to hang out in a hotel/casino bar???

    Not too smart. He has proven that if left to his own devices, he will violate the law again and finish his life behind bars. Maybe his guilty conscious drives him to be punished.

    He does not need our help or personal convictions to accomplish that. Imagine. What would you do at age 70, getting out of jail with nothing but ridicule and condemnation all around you. Smart money would say a remote cabin on a lake deep in the woods somewhere. Just saying.

    God bless, one and all. 😉 😎

  4. SPANKYSN says:

    OJ seems to live his life by his own rules. It reminds me of a line from the movie, “Top Gun”, where one of the commanders is reading Tom Cruise’s character, Maverick, the riot act. “Son, your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash!”

  5. demibar says:

    it does make sense this ban isnt?OJ Simpson ruin his reputation for lifetime and i don’t think he served enough time in jail

  6. Poker Orifice says:

    he passed the Drug & alcohol test the following day… Why do people still assume he wasn’t sober?

  7. woohoo sue says:

    OJ…i can’t drink my favorite breakfast drink next to coffee without thinking of him. This man is his own worst enemy. Since the murder of his wife and his getting away with it, the man has had a tuff go of things. I do not agree with a world that cannot leave a guy alone after he spends his sentence,, but THIS GUY. He brings alll this on himself.
    The casino should have been the last place to visit. Play your golf and live with your kids and just be glad you are not in a cell sir. congrats on getting away with murder. Wish we could have made that situation right. Many people think he should be followed and chastised by us all and they may be right.
    His parole statutes were made clear to him. If he was sober he should of asked to be tested right then THAT NIGHT after being accused of drunkenness. This is him thinking he has no boundaries. So if hes acting drunk when he’s not then that becomes a problem too. he cannot and should not assume he has the rights of a guy not on parole. Get over yourself oj PLEASE!

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