Chris Moneymaker Signs MuchBetter Deal with New Payment Processor

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Chris Moneymaker recently announced that he’s partnering with European e-wallet provider MuchBetter. Moneymaker said this partnership made perfect sense after his troubles with American-based payments provider PayPal earlier this year.

Chris Moneymaker
After pressing PayPal to give back confiscated funds, Chris Moneymaker has signed a new partnership with EU payment processor MuchBetter. (Image: ACR)

“As an online poker professional, we often have to jump through hoops in getting money on and off our favorite sites,” Moneymaker told CardsChat. “I’ve had some pretty horrible experiences with payments companies – some of which have been very public.”

Problems with PayPal

The 2003 WSOP Main Event champ is referring to his problems with PayPal. In May, Moneymaker publically claimed that PayPal froze his account for six months and later seized $12,000 because he violated its anti-gambling policies.

Moneymaker filed a lawsuit against PayPal for illegally seizing his funds. He also used social media to ask other players who felt wronged by PayPal to join him in a potential class-action lawsuit against the site. PayPal refunded the full $12,000 to Moneymaker in June, but didn’t provide an explanation as to why the company changed its position.

Moneymaker informed his followers on social media that he had received a full refund from PayPal and was dropping out as a plaintiff. However, he also made a promise on social media that he was not withdrawing the lawsuit as more than 50 people had reached out to him saying they also had funds seized by the site.

The Eric Bensamochan law firm said that Moneymaker would continue to consult with them as they proceeded with a class-action lawsuit against PayPal. It’s clear that Moneymaker is no longer doing business with PayPal as he has found something that he believes is MuchBetter.

A MuchBetter proposal  

While PayPal has a strong anti-gambling stance, MuchBetter is a lot friendlier toward the online gambling industry. MuchBetter has a separate page for gaming and allows players to use their services to deposit and withdraw funds at all of their favorite gaming sites.

Moneymaker is the biggest name to partner with MuchBetter, though the site has a number of other ambassadors, including German poker pro Felix Schneiders, European motocross champion Jed Etchells, and British boxing star Connor Lynch.

“I’ve known MuchBetter since it was launched a few years ago by some of the same people who I worked with at PokerStars,” Moneymaker said. “They care about poker players, they are dedicated to their customers and they understand the particular challenges we face with digital payment transactions on various online gaming sites. So when they approached me about a sponsorship it just made perfect sense.”

Special Moneymaker promotion

MuchBetter is running a special MuchBetter Moneymaker poker experience throughout September 2021. The payment provider and is giving away a special package that includes a $10,000, 2021 WSOP Main Event seat, flights and accommodation for two in Las Vegas, tech gadgets to enhance your online poker experience, and free online poker lessons with Moneymaker.

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