Stones Gambling Hall Seeks Case Dismissal, Denies Responsibility in Alleged Mike Postle Cheating Scandal

Mike Postle was accused of cheating on a live-stream at Stones Gambling Hall nearly six months ago. The Northern California poker pro is facing his share of a $30 million lawsuit. But the casino, also a defendant in the suit, filed a motion to have the case dismissed on the basis that there is no proof of cheating and, even if there was, they aren’t liable.

Mike Postle poker cheater

Is Mike Postle a poker god or a poker cheater? (Image: YouTube)

Mac VerStandig is representing 25 plaintiffs who believe they deserve compensation for being cheated. Postle denied wrongdoing to CardsChat News and on Mike Matusow’s podcast in October. He went so far as to claim he is simply one of the best poker players in the world.

But few within the poker community believe that statement. They argue his success rate in river decisions over more than a year on the Stones live-streams is proof he cheated. Postle, however, claimed he would prove there is video evidence of him making numerous incorrect plays on the river. It’s been nearly six months since he made that promise and he hasn’t yet released a shred of evidence.

Is Mike Postle Solely to Blame?

If poker players are cheated by another player, is the casino legally responsible to pay reparations? We’re just poker journalists, so we’ll let the courts settle that issue.

Stones Gambling Hall believes it doesn’t owe the plaintiffs a dime and, on Wednesday, lawyers for the casino filed a motion asking a Sacramento judge to have the lawsuit dismissed.

“This lawsuit reflects the oldest complaint of gamblers — that their lack of success means they were cheated,” the court filing stated.

In court documents, the casino claims to have simply provided a venue for the games. It also states that “Stones had no stake in who won money or lost money in the poker games.”

“Plaintiffs decided whether they wanted to play, for how long, how much to bet, and in which hands to participate,” the motion stated.

The casino, upon investigating the accusations against Postle, also doesn’t believe there is evidence of cheating. But VerStandig’s legal team — and most of the poker community — tell a different story.
“While playing in Stones Live Poker games, Mr. Postle has won more money than any other participant, in total, and had oftentimes been the winningest player on the show on any given night in which he is a participant,” the lawsuit claims.
Postle is alleged to have used an electronic device to gain access to his opponent’s hole cards during Stones Live streams. Doing so, the plaintiffs claim, gave him an unfair advantage that allowed him to win hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Written by
Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


BullXT wrote...

seems like this history about Mike Postle cheating is far to end, is complicated because is a huge accusation and nobody would like to be in this situation, but I think with a deep investigation the law will do something about

jacob wrote...

All lies, i’ve played with mike and hes far better than most pros I’ve played with. He just has a natural gift for the game.

mario wrote...

Lol cool story bro. Everyone knows he cheated. All the video evidence makes it absolutely clear not the mention the impossible win ratio with his range. Countless instances of hands where he makes raises or folds no one would make unless they could see their opponents cards and the only time he EVER lost was when someone would make a hero call on his bluffs. One has to be incredibly bias to actually believe he didnt cheat.


Joe90 wrote...

Idiot,have you ever played poker?

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