Mike Matusow Melts Down Over Supposed Slow Roll, Allen ‘Acnyc718’ Chang Wins Bracelet

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A questionable slow roll caused Mike Matusow, who was live-streaming, into a profanity-laced rant during an online WSOP event. Allen “Acnyc718” Chang, left the table in a better mood than “The Mouth” after winning the $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Freezeout event, the bracelet, and $161,286.

Mike Matusow WSOP slowroll
Mike Matusow doesn’t like being slow rolled. (Image: YouTube)

Chang defeated a large field of 854 runners to claim the title. The fifth event of the online bracelet series was the first freezeout, and one of just three scheduled during the 31-event WSOP.com series.

The champion defeated Philip “tomte” Yeh heads-up to win the bracelet. Despite failing to capture gold, Yeh still earned a cool $99,709 for his impressive performance. Felipe “McBain” Leme went out in third place, taking home $69,772. The summer WSOP replacement series resumes on Monday with the $600 Omaha Hi-Lo 8-or-Better 6-Max, the first non-hold’em event of the summer.

Matusow Doesn’t Like Being Slow Rolled

Matusow entered the $1,000 online WSOP event and was quickly felted when he ran A-Q into pocket aces on his second hand. That made for a short stream, but his viewers certainly got their money’s worth, although some may have been offended by the content.

The former Full Tilt Poker pro, appropriately using the “mouth123” screen name, woke up with A-Q in the big blind. Megan “wolverine17” Milburn, however, had him in a world of hurt with the rockets.

With action folded to Milburn in the small blind, she raised the 350-chip blinds to 1,365. Matusow then three-bet to 4,410. His opponent paused for a bit before making the call, and both players saw a dry flop of 9-4-10. Milly checked, which induced “The Mouth” to shove all-in for 15,385.

Although the board was dry and only a few hands in Milburn’s range beat pocket aces, she took quite some time to call. She eventually did and won the pot when the board ran out 2-J. The apparent slow roll wasn’t to Matusow’s liking.

Mouthing Off

Matusow has long made it known he despises players who slow roll. Shaun Deeb, a habitual slow roller, got him good in an old Poker Night in America cash game episode. Deeb flopped quad fives against Mike’s pocket jacks and took his merry little time on the turn before making the call.

“I’ve never slow rolled anybody before,” Matusow told Deeb. “You can do anything to me, you can call me any name under the sun, but if you slow roll me, I will punch you in the f*****g mouth.”

On Sunday, the four-time bracelet winner went on a similar rant after supposedly being slow rolled. Unknowing at the time his opponent was a female, he made a sexually suggestive threat that we won’t repeat here, but you can watch it in this video if you’d like.

Matusow continued his rant while on his YouTube live-stream. The unabashed Donald Trump supporter, as he often does, turned a non-political issue into a political issue.

“I tell you what, I’d lay $100 to $1 that the guy’s a Leftist, anti-American piece of s**t,” he said.

He then sought the name of the “guy” who slow rolled him, only to soon find out his opponent was a woman. Matusow again made an assumption about her political leanings.

“Probably one of those f*****g crazy Leftist people yelling ‘black lives matter,’ and you’re all racist in the street,” he assumed.

Refusing to move on, Matusow then fired off an insulting tweet which he would later delete. But have no fear, we kept the receipts.

Mike Matusow tweet

Milburn responded to the deleted tweet. The slow roll wasn’t intentional, she said, “but the next one might be tho.”

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