Mike Matusow Bets Half His Entire Bankroll on Daniel Negreanu to Beat Doug Polk

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Mike Matusow certainly loves to gamble. “The Mouth” is putting half of his entire bankroll on Daniel Negreanu to upset Doug Polk in an upcoming heads-up match. He’s leaving just enough behind to pay his November bills.

Mike Matusow Daniel Negreanu
Mike Matusow had better hope Daniel Negreanu beats Doug Polk. (Image: casinochecking.com)

Negreanu and Polk, two long-time rivals, will settle their dispute beginning Nov. 1. They’ve agreed to play 25,000 hands of No-Limit Hold’em at $200/$400 stakes on WSOP.com. After all of the hands are complete, a winner will be determined based on who ends up in the black.

Matusow had better hope that player is Negreanu. If not, he’ll be out half his entire bankroll, he said on Twitter.

Well I did it! I bet 10k of my 20k bankroll on @RealKidPoker getting 4 to 1 vs @DougPolkVids. I would of bet it all but needed 6k for bills on nov. 1st,” Matusow tweeted. “Plus the 5k I bet on Trump to win in March that could be in jeopardy. Let’s go @RealKidPoker don’t let me go bust again!”

Matusow was heavily criticized on Twitter for risking such a large percentage of his bankroll. Allen Bari wrote: “You’re like 55 years old and your financial situation is a nightmare. You should get your life figured out.”

Martin Mulsow claims this is “one of the most degen things” he’s ever read.

Matusow isn’t the Only Negreanu Bettor

There’s still some hope for Matusow if Negreanu doesn’t come through for him. If Donald Trump wins re-election, he’ll win some of that poker prop bet money back. The polls heading into Thursday’s final debate indicate the president is down 10 points in the race.

Matusow isn’t the only one who thinks Negreanu’s 4-1 underdog status is too high. Phil Hellmuth, who recently dusted off Antonio Esfandiari in his own heads-up battle, also put down some cash on the GGPoker ambassador.

I think @DougPolkVids is an amazing heads up player! Especially in no limit holdem, esp online, esp over 25,000 hands. But, I’m hearing Doug is 4-to-1 favorite over @RealKidPoker. This seems high, and I’ll bet on Daniel at 4-to-1. Reach out to me if your credible,” Hellmuth wrote.

Polk obliged, and Hellmuth offered a $20,000 wager at 4-1 odds ($80,000 to the “Poker Brat” if Negreanu wins the heads-up match).

Unlike Matusow, Hellmuth won’t end up in financial trouble if Negreanu doesn’t pull the upset. The old-school pros are sticking together, confident that one of their own — Negreanu — can prove the younger generation isn’t superior at poker.

As for Matusow, he’s just hoping to keep the lights on.

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