Should Las Vegas Casinos Close Again? Poll Reveals Social Media Opinion

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It’s been barely a month since Las Vegas casinos reopened after a two-month hiatus. But due to the spike in COVID-19 cases in Nevada, some locals anticipate a second closure. And a poll taken by a prominent Las Vegas Twitter influencer reveals that a majority believe it should happen.

Las Vegas casinos closing
Will Las Vegas casinos such as the Fremont downtown close for a second time due to COVID-19? (Image: Las Vegas Review-Journal)

Gov. Steve Sisolak hinted on Twitter last week at a possible shut-down, but he didn’t provide specifics. In a June 29 tweet, he wrote, “Today, I signed a directive extending Phase 2 of Nevada’s reopening plan until the end of July, consistent with my announcement last week. The extension is necessary due to trends in our #COVID19 data. Please, remember to wear a face covering and practice social distancing.”

In the weeks following the casino reopenings, Nevada’s COVID-19 cases have drastically spiked. From mid-March until mid-June, the state averaged around 120 recorded cases per day. Over the past week, Nevada has reported an average of over 700 daily infections. So, how should Sisolak respond? Keep the Las Vegas casinos open or shut them down again? Twitter users shared their two cents on this controversial issue.

What to do with the Las Vegas Casinos During a Pandemic?

A trusted Sin City insider account — @LasVegasLocally — asked a simple but controversial question: Should Las Vegas shut down again? More than 14,800 social media users voted and the results indicate many support a second closure.

Twitter polls aren’t scientific. There are trolls who vote, those who don’t live in or frequent Las Vegas, and most social media users follow accounts that share many of their views. But while this poll has a clear margin for error, enough people — likely many who reside in Las Vegas — voted to give us a general idea of what the masses are thinking on this issue.

“If masks are not made mandatory and enforced, we will shut down. We are full of skeptic, science deniers and surrounded by risky gamblers from two of the worst states, AZ and CA,” @Coffin4Council wrote.

“Very difficult situation. The damage from the first shutdown has not played out. That’s likely coming with high unemployment, bankruptcies, evictions, foreclosures, etc. Rock and a hard place. I don’t think we can shut down again without causing catastrophic economic damage,” @TomD80106675 argued.

Amy M. Helt (@Amymhelt) provided a slightly different perspective. She said that she voted “no” because “I don’t want to,” but agrees that the Las Vegas casinos should close down.

“My question is how long do you think they need to shutdown? Shutdown for months and it started all over again, it’s not going away by people staying home,” @live4dalejr88 writes.

“It’s very simple. If you are doing the right precautions – distance, hand wash and mask – we should stay open. If you aren’t going to do it – STAY THE F HOME. Businesses must enforce all!!! Or be fined. We need to stay open but everyone has to be a team player,” @VegasGalMare advises.

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