Jaime Staples Set to Join Partypoker Team Online in May, Joining His Brother Matt

March 12th, 2019 by CardsChat News

One of the most popular poker streamers on Twitch is joining the rapidly growing Partypoker Team Online, as Jaime Staples has announced that he will soon become the latest member of the online poker room’s streaming stable.

Jaime Staples Partypoker Team Online

Jaime Staples will be joining his brother Matt – and many other streamers – on Partypoker’s new Team Online. (Image: @partypoker/Twitter)

While Staples won’t be joining the team immediately, he will start streaming under the Partypoker banner on May 4.

Staples Among Most Popular Twitch Poker Streamers

Jaime will join a team that already includes his brother Matt, along with several other prominent Twitch poker streamers. With more than 120,000 followers, Staples is one of the top poker content creators on Twitch today, with most of his time on stream spent playing tournaments, where he has won $950,000 through online play.

“I am so excited for the future,” Staples wrote on Twitter following the announcement. “I’ll be working alongside @JeffGrossPoker to grow the new roster of @partypoker Team Online into the best ambassadors we can be for the game.”

Jaime and Matt have a history with another Partypoker sponsored streaming outfit. Bill Perkins, who founded the Thirst Lounge – which is now sponsored by Partypoker – once challenged the two brothers to a $150,000 prop bet in which each had to reach the same weight within a single year.

The challenge came from the fact that Matt weighed in at just 134 pounds, while Jaime, who weighed 305 pounds, would likely have to lose significant weight. But the Staples boys were up to the challenge, managing to both reach 188.3 pounds on the same day to win the bet.

Partypoker Envisions Massive Streaming Operation

Jaime Staples will be joining a team that also features streamers like Hristivoje Pavlovic, Steven Kok, CardsChat ambassador Jeff Gross, Ryan Schoonbaert, Courtney Gee and several others.

But while Partypoker may already seem like it has enough streamers to dominate the sector, the company has much bigger plans.

“I wanted to put a team together for Twitch. I like Twitch, so I looked around, saw who was the best and approached them,” Partypoker partner Rob Yong told CalvinAyre.com last week. “We are going to have a team of 30 people, but they are going to be working.”

Partypoker has embarked on a new strategy that was designed to bring them to the forefront of online poker content creation. While the poker room had previously been lacking in terms of a Twitch presence, it is now hoping that it can offer up 24/7 content that will help them engage the poker community through both its new Team Online and its existing stable of live pros like Fedor Holz, Patrick Leonard, and Ludovic Geilich.

That goal has been embodied in the Partypoker247 channel on Twitch, which launched on March 1. Along with broadcasting play from the variety of streamers that now make up the site’s Team Online, the new channel plans to feature coverage of major live events from around the world.

6 Responses to “Jaime Staples Set to Join Partypoker Team Online in May, Joining His Brother Matt”

  1. ammje says:

    Partypoker is still giving that talk in recent months, hiring pros, and streamers, which I think is good, this favors online poker players, it’s good to have another option to play poker.
    I only hope that partypoker also invests in offering quality software to its players.

    • Bozovicdj says:

      I am with you on this! It all seems to be good for further development of poker and attracting new players. However, I have a feeling that, at this pace, party poker will just turn out to be a new Pokerstars. Meaning that eventually players will become unsatisfied with it as well.

  2. antonis32123 says:

    Great choice for Partypoker team online , Jaime is one of the best poker sreamers and he is going to help them a lot with his experience .

  3. chicopaw says:

    wow, Party poker keeps increasing their poker celebs stable, another top streamer and player .Pokerstars must be cringing in their shoes,maybe they have made wrong choices in the recent past and will see Party the one on top

  4. RidersFan says:

    It seem like every streamer that doesn’t have a sponsorship deal is getting one from party poker. I’ve watched Jeff Gross and Matt Staples since they signed and although they say party poker doesn’t restrict the sites they can stream I haven’t seen either of them stream PokerStars tournaments.

  5. m0t22 says:

    What fantastic news. I’ve been following Jaime Staples ever since I started to understand the game better, it’s a machine;

    When I watch some Brazilians playing in the WSOP, I usually find this machine humid on the screens. ‘It’s a huge pleasure to watch him and other players

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