High Stakes Duel 4: Daniel Negreanu vs. Doug Polk 2.0

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Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk will square off once again, but this time they’ll do it under the High Stakes Duel banner.

Daniel Negreanu will take on Doug Polk in a $200,000 High Stakes Duel match at the PokerGO Studio in August. (Image: PokerGO)

Negreanu and Polk played each other in 2021 in what was branded as High Stakes Feud. They famously had grudges against each other over everything from online poker rake to social media etiquette. That hatchet was buried after Polk beat Negreanu for $1.2 million.

Even though they might not be best friends, the pair are cordial now, but that could change when they do battle again. As per PokerGO’s June 28 press release, Negreanu and Polk will put up $100,000 each to contest Round 2 of High Stakes Duel 4.

High Stakes Duel to reignite Negreanu vs. Polk rivalry

The exact date for the duel hasn’t been set, but we know Negreanu vs. Polk will happen in August. The PokerGO Studio in Las Vegas will host the high stakes match and, as always, it’s a winner-takes-all format.

Negreanu is the defending champion. He earned his spot in Round 2 of High Stakes Duel 4 by beating casino owner Eric Persson back in May. Persson declined his option to rematch Negreanu, so the hunt was on for a new opponent.

A lot of names were bandied around, but Polk was the most attractive. The high stakes pro and outspoken social media personality is never one to shy away from controversy. If it gets him some attention, it’s fair game. Polk’s penchant for entertaining the poker community, combined with his skills at the table, made him an ideal candidate for the match.

In fact, Polk has probably known about the match for a while. What makes us say that? For those who follow Polk on Twitter, the latest announcement explains why he’s been organizing so many heads-up matches at his own poker room, The Lodge (see tweet above).

Polk starts as favorite but don’t count out Negreanu

Doug Polk will likely start as the favorite based on his previous win over Negreanu. However, Daniel Negreanu is well-versed in the High Stakes Duel format and has a number of wins on the show.

It’s also worth noting that the previous Negreanu vs. Polk match was a cash game. High Stakes Duel is a sit and go. This means the stacks won’t be as deep, which is something else that might suit the more accomplished tournament player, Negreanu.

Whoever starts as favorite is inconsequential, it’s who ends on top that matters. Both players will put up $100,000 each and the winner will take it all.

If Negreanu wins, he’ll be crowned High Stakes Duel 4 champion on account of the fact he’s won two matches in a row. If Polk wins, he’ll become the champion and Negreanu will have the right to a rematch. The rematch will be for $400,000 and, something both players will want, bragging rights.

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