GGPoker Hand Sets New Record for Biggest NLH Pot in Online Poker History: $974K

Playing on GGPoker skin Natural8, just one week ago, Wiktor Malinowski (“limitless”) won the largest online No-Limit Hold’em pot ever, $842,438. One week later, the poker site hosted an even bigger pot between high-roller superstar Ali Imsirovic and Tan Xuan.

GGpoker online poker pot

Ali Imsirovic keeps raking in the massive scores. (Image:

Most of the biggest pots in online poker history have been at the Pot-Limit Omaha tables, and the majority of those were played on the now-defunct Full Tilt Poker site. The record was set by Patrik Antonius in 2009 on FTP when he took down a $1.3 million pot against Swedish loose-cannon, Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

We’re still waiting for a No-Limit Hold’em hand to match that figure, or even come close. But earlier this week, one crazy hand sure gave Antonius’ record a run for its money.

Imsirovic Scores a Big One on GGPoker

We’ve grown accustomed to watching Imsirovic crush live high rollers the past few years. He has nearly $9 million in live tournament cashes. This summer, the Bosnian pro has 14 WSOP Online Bracelet Series cashes. And, he snagged a GGPoker cash game pot that he’ll probably never forget.

In a $500/$1000/$200 (ante) game, Tan Xuan picked up 9♦ 7♦ and opened the action to $4,728. Imsirovic, holding A♠ K♠ went for the three-bet to $21,000, and Xuan called.

The flop came out 5♦ 5♥ 9♠ and Imsirovic bet out $15,425 before Xuan bumped it up to $53,700. Both players then saw the turn card — J♠, giving Imsirovic the nut flush draw on a paired board. Xuan continued firing away with just middle pair, betting $101,046. Imsirovic wasn’t ready to lay his hand down and called again.

The 8♠ on the river made Imsirovic’s flush, but the three spades didn’t scare Xuan away. He moved all-in for $309,719, but his aggression wasn’t enough to convince the Bosnian pro to fold a monster. The pot reached $974,631, making it the largest No-Limit Hold’em hand in online poker history.

The high-stakes cash games on GGPoker and Natural8 during the WSOP Online Bracelet Series have been wild. So wild that the two largest online hold’em pots ever occurred in just a week’s time.

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