Filming Wraps on PokerStars Big Game, New Series to Air in 2024

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The current popularity of high stakes cash games has prompted one of the world’s biggest poker operators to bring back the iconic PokerStars Big Game.

PokerStars is bringing back its popular Big Game TV show at a time the community’s appetite for high stakes cash games is strong. (Image: PokerStars)

First airing in 2010 but lasting just two seasons due to Black Friday, PokerStars Big Game had a unique format that saw one amateur, known as the Loose Cannon, compete against a line-up of pros.

The Loose Cannon was given their stake for the game by PokerStars and, if they ended the 150-hand session with a profit, they got to keep it. Now, after a 12 year hiatus, the Big Game will return with a run of 10 new episodes in 2024.  

New twist for PokerStars Big Game 2024

For all intents and purposes, the new series will mirror the old one. However, to add another layer of entertainment to the show, PokerStars held a Big Game Tour. The shootouts tournaments sent 20 winners to the casting stage of the show.

Of those who made it through to the casting stage, two received $50,000 each to play in the Big Game. Those two players were Nikki Limo and Lily Newhouse. Their journey from qualifier to casting and into the Big Game was documented by PokerStars’ media team and will form an integral part of the new shows when they air in 2024.

Filming wrapped up on November 9 after two days’ worth of action. The line up hasn’t been revealed, but PokerStars promised to bring some familiar faces back, as well as the biggest “crushers” in poker today.

The time is certainly right for a Big Game revival. Alongside High Stakes Poker, it was one of the original TV cash games and featured an impressive mix of trash talkers, online wizards, and seasoned pros.

High stakes TV poker era

Now, with shows from Triton Poker and Hustler Casino Live attracting big audiences, there’s a clear appetite for big-money cash games. PokerStars’ Big Game has a tried and tested format. Adding a few more layers of intrigue certainly won’t hurt that.

The Big Game on Tour will bring a level of play that hardcore fans expect from poker content. But we also will capture the journey from start to finish of our Loose Cannons in a way that hopefully reaches new audiences as well,” said Steve Preiss, VP at PokerStars North America.

The broadcast platform and launch date for the new series of PokerStars Big Game haven’t been announced. However, we know the 10 episodes will be shown at some point in 2024, so watch this space for the return of a TV poker icon.

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