Master Troll Doug Polk Claims Another Victim: Charlie Carrel

When Doug Polk is in trolling mode and you’re the target, just walk away. Don’t engage. Charlie Carrel, however, refused to heed that advice and, as a result, is now taking a verbal beating on social media.

Doug Polk Charlie Carrel

Charlie Carrel and Doug Polk are engaged in a petty feud. (Image:

The argument began months ago when Carrel, for some odd reason, found it necessary to defend child molesters. He claims we need to have more “empathy” towards those who sexually assault minors. Polk wasn’t so hip to that comment, nor were many – okay, nobody was – others in the poker community. That was just the start of what has now become a petty feud between the poker players.

Doug Polk Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Trolling

Doug Polk is on a “Poker Hands” (why isn’t it called “Polker Hands?”) video spree on YouTube recently. As of Thursday morning, he has uploaded 10 poker hand analysis videos in the past week which is uncommon for the now-retired poker pro.

If you aren’t familiar with Doug’s YouTube channel, he often analyzes an interesting televised poker hand. One of those recent hands was at the Triton London series between Charlie Carrel and Patrik Antonius.

In the hand, Carrel bluffed off a big chunk of his stack to Antonius, who called him down with just a small pair. But that wasn’t really the reason Polk chose this hand. He found the perfect opportunity to troll a poker player he clearly doesn’t like.

Polk didn’t give his usual in-depth analysis on the hand. Instead, he took subtle – and sometimes unsubtle – jabs at Carrel for a charity business he founded and his defense of child molesters.

“What Charlie was trying to do was say something to get people riled up so that he can get attention over it and then act like he’s the victim,” Polk said in response to being called out by Carrel for refusing to show empathy towards child molesters.

“I do not have empathy for child molesters,” Polk continued. “I can’t believe I even have to say that.”

Polk then took a jab at Carrel’s crypto charity business called Abundance. He questioned the legitimacy of the business.

Carrel Fights Back (But Probably Shouldn’t Have)

As previously stated, when Doug Polk trolls, it’s usually best to just ignore. Daniel Negreanu learned that in year’s past and was able to avoid publicly engaging in a no-win Twitter feud with Polk. But Charlie Carrel just couldn’t help himself.

After Carrel apparently threatened to sue Polk for defamation, Doug took his trolling game up a notch. He posted a fake lawsuit mocking Charlie’s threats.

Polk also jokingly claimed he had removed the Carrel “Poker Hands” video out of fear of lawsuit. He didn’t actually remove the video and instead allowed Carrel to continue digging himself a deeper hole with the poker community.

Few Twitter users came to Carrel’s defense. Most took Doug’s side. The comments were rather harsh towards Charlie.

Doug Polk is arguably a better troll than he is a poker player. And that says a lot considering he’s one of the top heads-up no-limit online players in history and has over $9.4 million in live tournament cashes. When he chooses you as his next potential trolling victim, don’t engage or you’ll end up taking a verbal beating like Charlie Carrel.


Written by
Jon Sofen
Semi-pro poker player with 17 years experience on the felt and more than five years working as professional poker media.


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LOL Doug Polk is the best !!!!!
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