Master Troll: Doug Polk Billboard Taunts Daniel Negreanu Outside WSOP

June 2nd, 2018 by Jon Sofen

Doug Polk says he doesn’t “feel like playing” poker this summer, but he does feel like playing games with Daniel Negreanu. Polk took his trolling skills to new heights this week — literally — by purchasing billboard space outside the Rio to promote a website that mock’s Negreanu’s claim that “more rake is better.”

Doug Polk Billboard

Doug Polk’s billboard outside the Rio is designed to to troll Daniel Negreanu for continuing to promote PokerStars, a brand he believes has turned on players and is bad for the game. (Image: Pamela Maldenado/Twitter)

Arguably masterful trolling, in an ongoing poker feud. The billboard that appeared Friday encouraged people to visit, continuing a dig that began a week earlier at the Super High Roller Bowl.

On Thursdsay, Polk, a three-time bracelet winner, disappointed his fans by announcing that he might be MIA for the 2018 WSOP. But he made up for it on Friday, with a billboard that assures even if he doesn’t show up at the Rio, he’s still going to be there.

Bad Blood

Doug Polk T-shirt, Super High Roller Bowl

Doug Polk said little to Negreanu at last week’s Super High Roller Bowl until he took off his button-down shirt, hinting at his coming message on a billboard. (Image: YouTube/JoeIngram1)

It’s no secret that Polk has made needling Negreanu one of his favorite bits. And being blocked by @RealKidPoker on Twitter wasn’t going to stop him.

Last week, the YouTube personality and founder of Upswing Poker played in the $300,000 buy-in Super High Roller Bowl, and ended up on Day One seated next to Negreanu. The two barely said a word, but did tangle in a few hands, and at one point Polk began to disrobe, revealing a t-shirt that read “More Rake is Better.”

(On second look we saw the shirt showed the message on a billboard.)

But for all the “lols” Polk got on social media, Negreanu seemed to get the last laugh — bursting into hysterics when Polk went bust, and then going on to finish runner-up and win $3 million.

Two Sides of Poker

For Negreanu, the Polk poking was all just “a sideshow.”

The quote “more rake is better” dates back to a 2016 comment Negreanu made after PokerStars announced a cash game rake increase.

“There’s a lot of games where the rake is really high, and it keeps pros away,” he said at the time. “But overall, for the game, it’s actually better because pros aren’t playing.”

Polk, who admittedly despises PokerStars, took exception to that sentiment and has since bashed Negreanu repeatedly for making what he considers an outlandish statement.

But he also admitted on Twitter he had another purpose in mind: he did it for the “lol’s.”

13 Responses to “Master Troll: Doug Polk Billboard Taunts Daniel Negreanu Outside WSOP”

  1. Poker Orifice says:

    Nice billboard! I wonder how much that cost?

  2. WildFlowerz says:

    I believe that More Rake is Better … … … for the house. Just take a good look around when you’re in Los Vegas. All that you see was built on the rake. And, all smart gamblers know, if you want to win BIG, become the house. Otherwise, “you pays your moneys, you takes your chances.”

  3. wilywiles says:

    Man talk about commitment. Sheesh, if I’m daniel negreanu Doug Polk is nothing more than a nuissance though. If Doug Polk has any brothers or sisters, Im sure we already know how they feel about him lol. This guy doesnt seem to get over things easily.

  4. Steve Martin says:

    Bulletin (Large Billboard): Range of $1,500 – $30,000 per location per 4 week period.

  5. hugh blair says:

    Doug is out to have a laugh master marketing stroke to advertise himself and I assume up swing poker will take more business due to this billboard and hype going through the net news.
    Daniel kind of got last laugh though taking 3 million out of that high roller event am sure he is well able for a bit of teasing and will not lose any sleep over it.

  6. GRIN281289 says:

    I think Doug Paul is doing this or he’s doing it for nothing because he’s going to lose to Daniel negrean in everything . and second, that I can think of is he probably Troll Daniel for your ad .
    in any case, everything that happened is interesting, and I will always root for Daniel ))
    Daniel Negreanu BEST

  7. tagece says:

    It’s clear that Doug Polk love the spot lights. And he knows how to attract then.
    But this thing is going a little bit too far, in my opinion.

    • GFY says:

      Doug is standing up for the people. Daniel is standing up for himself and his paycheck from stars you idiot. How are people like you so dumb.

  8. NickNation says:

    if i was playing that terribly, i wouldnt want to either – dont worry, doug.

  9. XYZ2123 says:

    I love both of these players. Too bad they have to be feuding. Of course Doug Polk is right to troll Negreanu about his position on increased rake. I like that Polk remains independent and isn’t sponsored by any site. The fact that he’s sitting right next to Negreanu with his More Rake is Bettter t-shirt on is just hillarious and priceless.

  10. jj20002 says:

    This is nice from Doug. The new owners of PS will squeeze every penny at this rhythm from the players, and everything started in 2016, and what Negreanau said really pissed off the whole poker community.

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