Doug Polk Causes a Twitter Storm, Gives His Take on Fedor Holz vs. Wiktor Malinowski

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Fedor Holz vs. Wiktor Malinowski has caused a storm, but not in the way everyone might have expected. Thanks to Doug Polk, the upcoming match just got a little spicier.

doug polk
Doug Polk (pictured) stirred the pot and caused a storm by giving his take on Holz vs. Malinowski. (Image: Reddit/Salad1002)

GGPoker, the company that sponsors Holz, announced this week that it will host the heads-up showdown. It will also stream the event on YouTube from March 5, and accept bets through its onsite betting feature.

That could prove popular, as the outcome of the match became a hot topic on Twitter last night. Always willing to poke the fire, Polk gave his less-than-favorable take on the two combatants.

Polk puts his head above the parapet

Polk clearly knows a thing or two about high-stakes, heads-up matches. He recently handed Daniel Negreanu a beating he won’t forget in a hurry.

Trash talk was an underlying theme in that match and, if Polk has his way, it will feature in the Holz vs. Malinowski showdown.

Although the two players involved aren’t particularly vocal, Polk got the ball rolling by calling Holz the type of player “every reg dreams of.” He also said that Malinowski, aka Limitless, is one of the “most overrated regs on the planet.”

That’s fighting talk. Maybe Polk is angling to play the winner in a heads-up challenge. Or, perhaps, he wants to spark a debate.

If his aim was the latter, he succeeded. Polk’s Twitter fans sensed a storm, and they weren’t wrong.

Daniel Cates quickly chimed in with his take on the match. He backed Malinowski and also took aim at Polk’s cocky attitude. That escalated things quickly.

Ryan Fee jumped to Polk’s defense, as did Bryan Paris. Cates wasn’t without his supporters though, and the Twitter thread soon descended into people throwing shade in all directions.

Twitter storm provides added spice

The thread actually goes off in so many directions about past matches, high-stakes teams, and general grandstanding that it’s hard to keep up.

However, the main thing to come out of Polk’s initial tweet is that it has generated a lot more interest in the match. Even with the news that Daniel Negreanu and Phil Hellmuth are set to lock horns, everyone is now talking about Holz vs. Malinowski.

That’s not only good for the participants and anyone wanting to make side bets, it’s a positive for GGPoker. The rising star on the online poker scene is using the match to launch a new series of high-stakes battles.

They say that all publicity is good publicity. If that’s the case, Polk may be due some commission, as he’s added a bit more spice to the GG Face-Off Challenge between Holz and Malinowski.

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