Fedor Holz the Next to Offer Up a Heads-Up Poker Challenge

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Heads-up poker challenges are becoming quite the fad, and Fedor Holz now wants in on the fun. More specifically, he wants to battle Wiktor “Limitless” Malinowski, one of the top high-stakes online grinders.

Fedor Holz poker
Fedor Holz wants some action against an online legend named “Limitless.” (Image: Twitter)

It appears Holz has some action. Malinowski says he’s ready to play and wants young Fedor to “message me” when he’s ready to roll.

“Limitless” is currently in a heads-up competition against Stefan Sontheimer, who like Fedor is one of the best German poker pros ever. Sontheimer’s been crushing Malinowski, but Holz doesn’t want him to lose all his money to his German pal. He wants his potential future heads-up opponent to save some for him.

“Yo, Wiktor, what’s up?” a trash-talking Fedor Holz said in a brief Twitter video. “I see you’re getting crushed by Stefan in your heads-up challenge. How’s that going? My condolences. Before he takes all your money, I want to get back to that offer you made on (Joe Ingram’s) podcast to play me drunk, to play me at whatever stakes I want. So, yeah, let’s f*****g do it. I challenge you.”

Big Mouth, Will He Back it Up?

Back in August, Malinowksi appeared on the Poker Life Podcast hosted by Joe Ingram. During that conversation, he challenged anyone to heads-up poker at any stakes, and specifically called out Fedor Holz. So, it’s no surprise that he isn’t backing down from the German sensation’s recent offer.

“Hey, Fedor, I’m sitting, waiting for you everyday,” Malinowski said in a response video. “You know where to find me. For now, you only talk. How about just get your two best students? I can play all three of you, same time, two tables each, any amount of hands you want. You only talk. Be careful what you wish for, man. I’m here, I’m waiting, any time, just join me.”

Shots fired. Holz can’t possibly back down from that challenge now. And he has no reason to fear “Limitless,” who is an accomplished online pro with millions of dollars in earnings. But Fedor is one of the overall best poker players ever. Under his “CrownUpGuy” screen name, he’s won more than $4 million, and has over $32.5 million in live tournament cashes, including that memorable 2016 in which he cashed for more than $16 million over a 10-month span (all-time record at the time).

Fedor Holz vs. Wiktor Malinowski likely won’t receive the same attention from the poker community as Doug Polk vs. Daniel Negreanu did. But it’s shaping up to be an exciting match between two top-notch poker pros, both with extensive heads-up no-limit hold’em experience.

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