Breakout Performance Earns Daniel Geeng PokerGO PLO Title and $876,000

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The second PokerGO Pot Limit Omaha Series has come to a glittering conclusion and, once the confetti had settled, it was Daniel Geeng who emerged as the top performing four-card poker player.

Daniel Geeng has transferred his cash game skills to the tournament arena to win the PokerGO PLO Player of the Series title. (Image: PokerGO)

Geeng capped off a successful series by winning the $25,200 Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) Championship main event. That win earned the American almost $500,000 and, importantly, enough points to win the PokerGO PLO Series II leaderboard.

Geeng picked up an extra $25,000 for becoming Player of the Series and signaled his presence on poker’s biggest stage.

Cash game player dominates PokerGO PLO series

Daniel Geeng describes himself as a cash game player but, prior to the PokerGO PLO Series II, he had five tournament results.

All of the cashes were in PLO events but none were on the level he achieved in recent days. Geeng’s PLO Series II run started with an 11th place finish in Event #2. That $22,350 payday earned Geeng his first 22 leaderboard points.

From there, a deep run in Event #3 took his running total to $42,950 and 43 points. Those results were respectable but not enough to challenge early frontrunners like Veselin Karakitukov and Eelis Pärssinen.

However, it wasn’t long before Geeng was jostling for top spot on the leaderboard. Event #4 attracted 101 entries, which allowed the American to turn his $10,600 investment into $172,710 after finishing second. Add to that $148,000 worth of bounties and his running total jumped significantly.

Daniel Geeng’s PokerGO Series II results

Event #2: $7,600 PLO Bounty11th$22,35022
Event #3: $10,000 PLO14th$20,60021
Event #4: $15,100 PLO Progressive Bounty2nd$172,710 + $148,000 in bounties145
Event #9: $25,200 PLO Championship1st$487,500293
Total $851,160481

A baron spell followed the near miss in Event #4, but Geeng saved his best performance until the end. The $25,200 Pot Limit Omaha Championship saw 75 players push the prizepool to a heady $1,875,000.

Daniel Geeng dominates championship event

Geeng started the final session with 30% of the chips in play and maintained his position as one of the top stacks throughout the day. His main threat in the final throes was Harsheel Kothari, but not even he could stop his fellow American.

Eelis Pärssinen started fast and, for a time, looked as though his experience in tournaments would get him through. However, when his pair and flush draw failed to usurp Geeng’s two-pair, Pärssinen was sent to the rail in fourth.

PokerGO PLO Series II: Event #9 result

1stDaniel Geeng$487,500
2ndVeselin Karakitukov$337,500
3rdHarsheel Kothari$243,750
4thEelis Pärssinen$187,500
5thBenjamin Juhasz$150,000
6thMark Berente$112,500
7thJohn Riordan$93,750

That hand saw Geeng stack 70% of the chips in play with three players remaining. Harsheel Kothari and Veselin Karakitukov tried to chip away at their opponent but ended up destroying themselves in the process.

Karakitukov eventually dispatched with Kothari, but he wasn’t able to ride that wave of momentum to the title. Geeng stayed in control and got the job done with K♥ K♦ 8♦ 3♦.

PokerGO PLO Series II leaderboard

1Daniel Geeng48114$703,160
2Benjamin Juhasz36514$425,100
3Eelis Pärssinen34915$423,380
4Joao Simao34115$340,650
5Jim Collopy32104$342,450

With the board showing K♣7♣ 2♦ 8♥, Karakitukov moved all-in with 6♠ 3♣ 2♥ 2♣. Geeng called with a set of kings leaving Karakitukov drawing to a club, a five, or the lone deuce.

The 7♦ on the river gave both players a full house, but Geeng’s was better. With that, he scooped the final pot, a $487,500 payout, and enough points to top the PokerGO PLO Series II leaderboard.

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