CardsChat Podcast: Johnnie Moreno Vibes with Robbie

CardsChat Podcast host Robbie Strazynski talks with popular poker YouTuber, content creator, fashion designer, and entrepreneur Johnnie Moreno about how creativity and study translates into lifestyle and poker success in this week’s episode.

Johnnie Vibes global poker awards

Johnnie “Vibes” Moreno is this week’s guest on “the friendliest poker podcast in town.” (Image: GPI)

Known across the pokerverse as Johnnie Vibes (which also serves as his handle on Twitter and YouTube), he often posts videos of himself playing cash games from a first-person perspective with commentary added later. He tells Strazynski how simple curiosity and a desire to market the clothes he was designing pulled him into the public eye with a YouTube channel. He says his 50K subscribers motivate him in ways he never could imagine.

“People give me energy. They help me create bigger things,” Moreno says. “I’ll read a comment and I’ll be fired-up to make videos again because it resonated with this one guy in New Hampshire who said it made his day better.”

He’s part of a poker family. His brother is professional player Andrew Moreno, and Andrew’s wife, Kristy Arnett Moreno, is a poker player, writer, and lifestyle vlogger who inspired Johnnie’s pursuit as a content creator. 

Moreno, 37, talks about how choosing to focus on other things besides poker hurt his development at the tables, even though it improved his lifestyle.

Four years ago, when he started his vlog adventure, he says he had similar results as Andrew. But as Johnnie threw himself at marketing and video production while Andrew did the same with poker solvers. They haven’t been on the same level since. 

He has no regrets. Although he loved poker, he needed more, and that’s why he turned to fashion design, video blogging, and music production. 

“While poker is the primary thing, it’s defiantly a grind. I found when I’m doing different things, it keeps me sane at the poker table and leads to a better quality of life for myself,” he says.  

As is standard on “the friendliest poker podcast in town,” Moreno answered questions from CardsChat forum members. Visit the thread to find out who will be the next guest and submit questions.

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