Bellagio Poker Room Robbed (Again), LVMPD Officer Shot During Gunfight at Valet

March 16th, 2019 by Jon Sofen

For the second time in 16 months, the Bellagio poker room was robbed on Friday night. This time, however, the suspect, who allegedly shot at a bulletproof vest-wearing police officer who then returned fire, was apprehended.

Bellagio poker room robbery

Another robbery inside the Bellagio poker room might scare customers away. (Image: YouTube)

The incident occurred at around 9:45 pm, a time when the Las Vegas Strip casino is packed. Investigators have yet to release details of the robbery, including the name of the suspect and officer involved.

Nearly 16 months later, police are still searching for the suspect in the November 2017 robbery. Only a few, apparently dead-end leads have surfaced. Although the robber left with casino chips, no one was physically harmed.

It was a different story last night, however.

Shots Fired at Valet

At around 9:45 pm Friday, an unidentified armed man approached the Bellagio poker room cage. He sought money from the cashier and flaunted his weapon as a threat to get what he wanted. It’s unknown how much money or casino chips he left with.

After exiting the poker room, he approached the valet parking area on the north side of the casino where he attempted to hijack a car, according to police. That is when four police officers caught up to him and engaged with the alleged robber.

The suspect shot at one of the officers, striking him in the chest. The officer then returned fire, hitting the suspect once, causing potential life-threatening injuries. He is currently in critical condition at University Medical Center.

The officer is also being treated but thanks to his bulletproof vest is expected to survive. Police interviewed multiple witnesses following the incident.

As is standard policy, Metro won’t release the name of the wounded officer for 48 hours. Capt. Nichole Splinter told media that they can expect a more detailed report within 72 hours.

Poker Aftermath Shared on Twitter

The Bellagio poker room is always packed on Friday nights. Many of the biggest names in the game can be spotted competing inside Bobby’s Room, the high-stakes room attached to the main card room.

Eli Elezra, who normally plays in Bobby’s Room, shared a photo from right in front of the cage that had been robbed minutes earlier.

Rick Fuller, who left his job in law enforcement to play poker, might want to consider a career in photography. He snapped this epic post-robbery photo.

The robbery caused commotion inside the Bellagio poker room. But no players or casino staff were harmed. We’ll keep you updated as this story progresses over the coming days.

2 Responses to “Bellagio Poker Room Robbed (Again), LVMPD Officer Shot During Gunfight at Valet”

  1. Jon W says:

    This is what I posted to my Facebook.

    Yes I was working, the guy was very low key getting what he got during a short quiet robbery. Nobody realized what was going on until security sealed off the poker room. The robbery happened at about 9:40-45 PM.
    How low key, or how thick am I or holy shit that was close!
    About five hours after the robbery happened it dawned on me that at about 20 till 10 PM I hade made a transaction at the poker cage. Standing next to me at the next cashier was a guy digging through a white plastic bag. I glanced over thought he was a player I knew named Mike. Didn’t say hello, or anything, Was not quite sure it was mike, I also figured he was digging through the bag for chips he bought from home, meaning he was likely broke and in an offish mood. He also seemed kind of focused on what he was doing, not looking like he wanted to be interrupted. Besides Mike is kind of an asshole.
    It did not dawn on me that I may have been standing next to the robber until after the first news reports became available with the time of the crime. I started running through my head the time I was actually at the cage and there you go, I was at the cage at about the time of the robbery standing next to a guy with a bag on the counter.
    I feel lucky that the guy was patient enough to wait until the counter was clear of other people before he preceded with his heist. When you read the article you will see that he went outside to the north valet and attempted to hijack a car. He ran into four police officers, pulled his weapon, shot one of the cops in the chest. They returned fire and put a bullet in the suspect leaving him in critical condition. The cop also went to the hospital but was released a couple hours later, I imagine with a painful bruise.
    Anyway, they have not released the suspects name yet, and since I am not anywhere near sure I will just leave it at Mike for now. Will let you know if it was the guy I thought it may have been if it turns out it was this Mike.

  2. Chalada12 says:

    Easy come easy go , stealing is bad , we Will always hear about thoses bad things as some people don t card about hurting others to get some money .

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