PokerStars and Red Bull Racing Go Behind the Lines with New Strategy Series

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Ever wondered what makes a Red Bull Racing driver tick and how you apply the tactics of a top Formula 1 team to poker? Well, wonder no more because a new YouTube Series from PokerStars and Oracle Red Bull Racing reveals all.

Between the Lines
PokerStars and Oracle Red Bull Racing have teamed up to produce a new YouTube series that explores the champion’s mindset. (Image: PokerStars)

PokerStars and Red Bull Racing have been working together since the start of 2022. Red Spade passes to Formula 1 events were just one of the ways they connected the dots between racing and poker.

Now, after renewing their agreement for a second season, PokerStars and Red Bull Racing have created a new YouTube series. Titled, Between the Lines, the series combines personal insights from Team Red Bull drivers with behind-the-scenes footage and strategy talk that bridges the gap between poker and Formula 1.

Revealing what drives champions to win

The first episode of the new four-part series went live today and features Red Bull Racing’s Sergio Perez. In it, he talks about his success in last season’s Monte Carlo Grand Prix and his expectations ahead of this year’s race, which takes place on May 28.

At the core of each video is advice on how to win. Although the specifics of Formula 1 racing might be different to poker, a champion’s mindset is universal. That’s what Between the Lines aims to uncover.

By interviewing members of Formula 1’s top team, PokerStars is shining a light on the qualities it takes to perform at the highest level in any sport.

“[Between the Lines] highlights the importance of strategy both in motor racing and poker. It will give fans of both the racing and poker communities insights into the thought processes and crucial real-time decision-making that comes with being at the top of your game,” reads the May 24 press release.

As well as providing advice, insights, and entertainment, Between the Lines joins a growing stable of collaborative projects from PokerStars and Red Bull. Indeed, CardsChat joined the two companies at the end of 2022 to celebrate their first anniversary and get some insights as to what’s next.

Get exclusive access to Red Bull Racing

Top of the list for 2023 was the return of Red Spade passes. Giving poker fans the chance to attend Formula 1 events and enjoy hospitality courtesy of Red Bull Racing was the highlight of last season. That promotion is back and, this year, players can win an all-expenses paid trip to the inaugural Las Vegas Grand Prix in November.

The 2023 Red Spade Pass promo will give multiple players across the “PokerStars universe” a chance to win. That means players in the UK, Europe, Ontario and beyond can win passes by playing tournaments, taking part in challenges, and more.

Those who win a 2023 Red Spade Pass get a four-day trip to Las Vegas for the Grand Prix. As well as tickets to the race, winners get flights, accommodation, and access to exclusive VIP events throughout the Las Vegas Grand Prix.

The entry routes are open now and will remain so until October. Anyone who wants to see what the Las Vegas Grand Prix will be like, and get tips on thinking like a champion, can watch the first episode of Between the Lines using these country-specific links: the UK, France, Spain, Brazil, and Central Europe.

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