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Guide to Finding the Best New Online Casinos

Find Out What Benefits You Can Take Advantage of at New Internet Casinos
A Guide to Finding the Best New Casinos Online

Just like every other year, 2019 has produced loads of brand new online casinos. All of the new sites mean that there is more competition in the market than ever before and that can only be a good thing for fans of online gambling.

The only problem you have is how to work out which of the latest online casino sites are really as good as all their adverts say they are. That's where we come in. Take a look at our guide to everything that players should think about when they're looking to join one of the newest casinos online.

There are many new online casinos appearing all the time and with that, comes the added value of choice. Most new sites will be all too keen on supplying you with some great welcome bonuses so it's important to know what the best sites are and how to join them.

Our recent September 2019 review puts Cafe Casino at the top of our recommended list. A few others aren't far behind. Read on.

Quick Jump - The Rise of New Casinos Online | What to Watch Out for | Why the Latest Casinos Try Harder | New Software

The Rise of New Casinos Online

The world of Internet gambling gets bigger and bigger every year, thanks to new countries relaxing or altering their laws and technology constantly improving.

Every single year, literally thousands of new online casinos and poker sites launch on to the web. They all struggle to provide something different in a crowded market and they do that by offering something existing casinos don't or at least making it seem like there's something new about their casino site.

What to Watch Out for at New Online Casinos

What to Watch Out for at New Online Casinos

When it comes to parting with our hard earned dollars, one of the main things we often take into consideration is whether the place we'll be spending it at can be trusted. That same principle applies when you're picking a new online casino to play at.

It's just like when you're thinking about buying a new car. It's natural to think you'd prefer to get one from a known, reputable dealer rather than one that's just started operating and has no track record.

Just because you're online, it doesn't mean that you're safe from shady businesses so when you're picking a new online casino to play at, you should use your common sense:

  • If the latest online casino site you're visiting looks badly put together, that's not a good sign. Reputable sites will have professional looking websites.
  • If there's no contact information anywhere on the site, that's a bad sign too. If something goes wrong, you've got no way of communicating with the company.
  • If the site is regulated by a strange industry body in an odd country you've never heard of, think again before joining. Remember, the best regulators are in Australia, Finland, Gibraltar and Malta.

Why the Latest 2019 Online Casinos Try Harder

Why the Latest 2019 Online Casinos Try Harder

The newest casinos online in the USA are like the person that arrives late at a party and has to do their best to say hi to everyone. They want to make a good first impression, win some friends and prove they're adding something to the party atmosphere.

New online casino sites want to stand out in the crowd and they do this by:

  • Offering massive Welcome Bonuses
  • Bringing you exclusive games
  • Holding launch promotions
  • Giving you giant jackpots to play for

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses

These are something every casino uses to attract new players but the newest online casinos need players even more than established ones. That's why they give away loads of free bonus cash when people deposit for the first time.

Take a look around before you settle on the US site you want to play at because Welcome Bonuses can be worth up to $5,000.

Exclusive Games

Exclusive Games

The latest online casinos want the latest games, so they invest lots of money in securing the rights to be the first sites to bring USA players massive branded games.

These exclusive new online casino games are usually tie-ins with popular game show and movie franchises like X-Men, Deal or No Deal, Wheel of Fortune or Star Trek.

Launch Promotions

Launch Promotions

The kind of promotions you can expect to see at just opened Internet casinos are definitely worth signing up for. They'll give you free spins on slot games, entries into huge prize draws, rewards for brining your friends to play on the site and even surprise cash gifts!

Giant Jackpots

Giant Jackpots

Nothing attracts new players to the newest casinos online quite like the chance to win life-changing amounts of cash.

That's why the latest online casino sites put their own money into huge jackpots for their players to win. These jackpots can be worth millions of dollars, so if playing for jackpots is your main focus when you gamble online, make sur eyou shop around to find the best new casino jackpot out there!

New Online Casino: New Software?

New Online Casino: New Software?

Just because the newest casinos online have new games, that doesn't mean that the platform they're using as their software is going to be bang up to date.

It's easy to confuse new games for meaning new gaming technology but the two things aren't the same. A new casino can have one without the other as well as both at the same time.

Most Internet casinos, including the latest ones, run off of software that's been around for a couple of years. The reason casino software has such a long lifespan is mainly because each version that's released normally works out to be so solid and reliable that there really isn't any need to release a new one.

Even if the new online casino you join is running on the same software as lots of other established sites, you'll still be able to play exclusive cutting-edge games using software that's reliable, safe and secure.

Top 5 New Online Casino Facts

  1. New casino online sites launch everyday.
  2. The latest casinos often have the biggest jackpots.
  3. Software at new casinos isn't always new too.
  4. You can play exclusive branded new casino games.
  5. The newest casinos usually have the most lucrative Welcome Bonuses.

New Casino Sites FAQ

How often do new online casinos appear?

Constantly! Online gaming is huge right now and there are new online casinos sprouting up like mushrooms after rain.

Can I trust new casinos online?

Yes and no. Look for the signs of a reputable casino: professionally made website that has no major glitches, detailed contact information for the casino's customer care and even owners, and a well-known regulatory body as country of origin. Gibraltar and Malta are some of the best-known online casino regulators.

What are the advantages to joining a new site?

New casinos are trying hard to create a player base and so they offer the highest Welcome bonuses, the best and most diverse promotions and often some very high jackpots to motivate you to play in their rooms. They also give you access to exclusive games made especially for them to attract you and keep you as their player.

Will I be able to get a good bonus?

Yes, newly opened online casinos offer some of the best bonuses around the Internet.

Will the player base be too small?

The player base will be smaller than that of long-established casinos but that is not always a bad thing, and if the casino is doing its promotion job properly the player base will quickly grow to the size you are used to.

How do I know they'll make good on payouts?

Look for signs that they are regulated in countries that are well-known for regulating online gambling. Also see if they have already been audited externally. However, this is not a problem with new online casinos, since they are trying to break through into the industry, so they will be trying hard to impress you with their services and capabilities.

Are the payouts likely to be fast?

The speed of payouts would depend on the payment methods you are using. The casino will be aiming to impress with its smooth service, though there might be glitches linked to the systems still being established. The biggest issue with fast payments would more likely be linked to the banks making the payments: wire transfers tend to be slow, while credit card payments tend to be faster.

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Looking for the best new online casino? You won't find it in CardsChat's blacklist! These shoddy sites make it hard to withdraw funds, provide poor customer service and even offer fake games. Our expert players have named and shamed the worst-of-the-worst, so that you can find the best new casino for you.

These blacklisted casino sites and poker rooms are rated worst by our players.

  Casino Rating Our Verdict
  • Crazy withdrawal waits: Players report waiting 5-6 months for their money!
  • Ridiculous rake requirements: The deck is always stacked against you here
  • Restrictions on funds: There are strict rules about how you use your bonus
  • Bad chance of bonus payouts: They may try to stop you from claiming
  • Confusing T&Cs: Beware of the bewildering terms of use for this site
  • Rude, unfriendly customer service: You'd better hope you don't need help!
  • Lack of withdrawal options: You won't be flush after using these guys
  • Bad reviews: Tons of players have had a terrible experience
  • Rogue reputation: It seems like there's something shady going on here
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