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The Lowdown on High Roller Online Casinos

Your Complete Guide to High Roller Casinos Online and Their Many Benefits
High Roller Guide

Ever wondered exactly what an online casino high roller is or how you manage to get huge VIP bonus rewards when you gamble online in the USA? Well, wonder no more because you'll discover everything you've ever wanted to know about the world of high end casinos on this page.

Let's take a look at the exclusive action happening behind the virtual red velvet rope in VIP lounge online casino rooms in 2019.

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What's a High Roller Player?
High Roller

A high stakes or VIP player is someone who bets a lot of money at online casinos on a regular basis.

A high roller online casino player has the same mentality as a high stakes player in a land based casino but the difference is that online, the threshold for becoming a VIP player is lower than at live casinos.

In land based casinos you'd need to be betting in the region of $20,000 per session to be considered a top-tier player. But on the Internet, you can place a single $1,000 bet and get instant access to the VIP lounge online casino area.

High Roller Online Casino Programs

American online casinos understand that players who bet big want to be acknowledged for the money and time they've spent gambling. That's why they've invented special loyalty programs just for their best VIP casino players.

Typically, VIPs at land based casinos are treated to all kinds of complimentary rewards like free accommodation, free drinks and luxury personal assistants to help with anything they might desire. At online casinos high roller players aren't in a position to be spoiled by physical complimentary treats, so instead the casino will reward them with VIP bonus cash rewards and loyalty prizes.

What Rewards Can I Get at the Best VIP Casino Sites?

High Roller Rewards

Players in the USA can expect a whole stack of rewards if they make it into the VIP lounge online casino areas:

  • High roller bonus offers
  • Exclusive games
  • Invites to big events
  • A dedicated personal host
  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawal limits

High Roller Bonus Offers

Any American who's played at a casino website knows that casinos are always anxious to keep players active. They do this by offering them bonuses on the money they deposit. For example, there could be a 50% deposit bonus up to $100. That means if you deposit $100, you'll get $150 to play with.

High roller online casinos and standard casinos offering the best VIP casino experience for their big players will offer this kind of bonus more regularly and for higher amounts. For example, instead of a 50% bonus on $100 they'll offer a high stakes bonus of 100% on $2,000, meaning you'll get $4,000 to play with.

Exclusive VIP Games

VIP GamesTo show gratitude for your loyalty to their casino site, a casino is likely to give you special access to games regular players can't play. These games might just be high stakes versions of classics like roulette or craps or they might be newly launched games taht VIPs get to check out first.

Invites to Big Events

High Roller Casinos

Casinos will buy bulk corporate tickets to top music gigs, sports games and theatre shows and then hand them out to their VIP lounge online casino members as a treat.

Your Own Personal Host

VIP HostTop high stakes casino sites give every single one of their best players a dedicated personal contact within the company. This person will be there day or night, 365 days a year to answer any questions you have and sort out any issues you come across. They can also arrange luxury services for you like limo hire, airplane tickets and hotel bookings.

Unlimited Cash Deposits and Withdrawals

Normal online casino players aren't allowed to deposit and withdraw huge amounts in one go, but high roller online casino players are. Your dedicated host can even help you work out what the best way to withdraw cash si for you. That way you can avoid paying more fees than you need to.

How Do I Become a High Roller?

Entry requirements for a VIP lounge online casino area vary from site to site but usually the amount you have to bet is more at dedicated high stakes casinos than it is at normal casinos with VIP programs.

The main keys to becoming a high roller are:

  1. Money

    How much cash you put on a single bet and how much you wager in one session is the most important factor in getting the most out of the best VIP casino programs.

  2. Frequency

    Again, it varies from casino to casino but betting $500 on one wager is definitely high roller material in most American online casinos. How often you bet these big amounts will also have an impact on your top-tier online casino status, so make sure your big bets aren't just a one off.

Another thing worth mentioning is that just because you gain VIP status, that doesn't mean you get to keep it forever. Stay active in the casino to keep hold of your status and keep getting access to high roller bonus deals and rewards.

Are there Casinos Just for US High Roller Players?

US High Rollers

Top high stakes casino games are available at most reputable US online casinos but there aren't any big sites online that cater exclusively for VIP players. That's because casinos make their money off of average players and so casinos for regular players make up most of the online market.

There are still loads of casinos out there that accept American players and are perfect for the best VIP casino players though.

Any trusted casino sites with online casino high roller games that have the following are going to be a great home for players in 2019:

  • Generous welcome bonuses from $2,000 to $5,000
  • Unlimited deposit and withdrawals
  • A dedicated VIP team
  • Exclusive high roller bonuses
  • VIP-only promotions

Top 5 High Roller Online Casino Facts

  1. It's easier to become a VIP online than it is at a live casino.
  2. VIP bonus US offers can be worth up to $10,000.
  3. Top high stakes casino players can avoid transaction fees.
  4. Classic table games are the most popular VIP games.
  5. VIP loyalty programs award you with holidays and more treats.

High Roller Casinos FAQ

What is a high roller casino?

High rollers are the players who bet large amounts of money in one go, and high roller casinos cater specifically for those players, ensuring they will keep wanting to bet a lot of money.

What games can be played?

High rollers can play all games other players can play but they also usually have games that are exclusively for them.

Am I eligible?

Yes. In most land casinos the amount that has to be bet at one go is quite large, but in online casinos the usual amount that can make you a high roller is as low as $1000. One such bet can land you straight into VIP land, where you will be treated as royalty. Of course, to keep the status frequency is also important: you will have to keep betting large amounts at certain periods.

What are the benefits to this status?

VIP players receive all sorts of benefits, such as exclusive games, no limits on withdrawals and deposits, no transaction fees, various bonus offers especially for them, special invitations to gaming events, including free transport and accommodation, and even a personal host to take care of them at any time of the day and night.

Are certain sites better for high rollers?

Yes, some sites will have more resources to treat you better. Larger international sites will be better able to cater for their high roller players, so choose highly recommended online casinos with a lot of experience and established VIP programs.

Will there be a minimum spend required?

Yes, in order to become and remain a high roller you will need to bet a certain minimum amount of money at particular periods of time. If you consistently fall under the set amount you will lose your VIP status.

How is it different to normal play?

VIP players receive all sorts of perks, bonuses, extra privileges, and access to exclusive games. Their access to the casino features is richer and more varied, keeping them better entertained.

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