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Online Poker Resources

There's a tremendous wealth of poker information available for free online, today. For instance, there's this guide, of course, as well as the local CardsChat Poker Articles Section, and Poker Blog where you will find strategy tips and other topics. Also, CardPlayer Magazine publishes all of their magazines online (as well as in print), and it's free to go there and read. They have a huge archive of poker articles. If you want to try and find information in our forums, the search function works nicely.

But despite being one of the authors of the CardsChat strategy articles, I want to point out that what you can read online can hardly compare to the knowledge you can get from a book. Virtually all articles are written with the intention of looking closely at a specific situation, but you will be hard pressed to read enough articles to get the same value of information that you could get from reading just a few books.

And the most valuable resource online? It's us. Engaging in discussion in our poker forum will exercise your brain's poker muscles far more than passively reading any book or article ever will. Don't miss out on the opportunity.

This concludes the guide. There is an Appendices section that you may find interesting, though. Thank you for reading.