What are your thoughts in this position?



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You're playing in your first $350 buy-in tourney. You only had to fire 2 bullets, and you made it to day two of a three day tournament. You started the day with 66,000 chips and through 7 levels of the day you've found yourself with just under 500k in chips. The day had started off with approximately 300 players and the top 120 get paid. The money bubble has been passed and when you look up at the monitor you notice that there are currently 96 players remaining and the level is currently 12,500/25,000 with a 2k ante . A table has just broken and a healthy chip stack has just joined your table in the under the gun (UTG) position. He looks down at his hand and relatively quickly min raises to 50k. The action folds around to the SB (appx 300k), who calls, and you look down at your hand 8h8c. You decide to raise it up to 185k. He snap announces "All In". SB folds with a little grunt. Let me know what your thoughts would be in this position.


I personally will never reraise with just 88 offsuit. I would rather pay the 50K to see flop and decide from there how to continue. In this particular situation when you have invested already 185K in this hand i find it a flip coin between shove and fold.

rigor mortis

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You're between a rock and a hard place. A new player at your table, being the first hand you have no tells on him or how he plays. I always think middle pairs are a bit dodgy, and you have to consider whether or not he is trying to buy the pot. Your raise was sound against three players, but I would fold and live to fight another day


I think you have to call or lay it down rather than shove all in, you have no read on him so at best your in a flip.


Wow, tough situation. 88 is tough to play for all your chips. All in or fold?
Really tough. What did you do and what was the outcome?

Lord Foma

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I would not raise, and zashol would be in the game for 50k to see the flop.
In this situation, I did not take risks.