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Now recently - considering online poker is no more in Australia - I have been looking into playing live, there is a casino not far from me that offers a range of tournaments...... it's really good that they offer a different range but the only issue is the speed of the blinds considering playing live vs online there are less hands dealt live.... see I'm used to playing ONLINE $5 tournaments like this:

Starting chips 5,000 (166 BB) and blind levels 8 minutes

15 / 30
20 / 40
25 / 50
30 / 60
35 / 70
40 / 80

Compare that to one of the $60 LIVE tournaments

Starting chips 15,000 {300 BB) and blinds levels 15 minutes

50 / 100
100 / 200
300 / 600
400 / 800

Would both be the same sort of tournament in terms of speed and the way you look to approach the tourny etc?

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All i can say is live games move waaaaaaaaaay slower. Go feel it out for yourself. |I think you'll find though that the difference in play at the table is more of a concern than the blind structure.


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I think I will, just a fun night out with my cousin who likes his poker too - a good excuse for the wife hahaha


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That live blind structure is really bad. If you just hold your own the starting of the 5th level you will only have 18 or so BB where as the online game you would have over 70 and still deep stacked. Live is way slower. You will only get about 25 hand an hour playing live compared to the 60-70 per hour online so it is much slower. You will also find its easier to get more distracted playing live. My best advise is just go for the fun of it and play your game and you should do fine. Good luck.


15 min blind levels in a live tourney is a turbo structure. I prefer 30 min levels and above.
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