Strategy as related to the table being broken



I am wondering how the time until a table is broken can impact the strategies. In a live tournament a when a player's table is expected to break in 2 hours, how does he play different than if his table is expected to break in 6 hours?

When you are playing at tournament, do you ask what the order of tables being broken is? If yes, what are the differences in your tournament strategies if you only expect to be at a table for a short amount of time versus all day?


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If the table is not going to break anytime soon i just play my best game and deal with the table dynamics as they are. If the table is tough and going to break up soon and i feel i am at a disadvantage i will actual tighten up my play and hope the move is better for me. If the table is going to break up and I have the advantage over the table i will push my edge while i can according to the table dynamics.