Spin 'n' Go Max Hold 'em Crushed?



Dec 7, 2018
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Greeting to everyone,

What do you thing about spin 'n' go Max on pokerstars?
Can this format be crushed?
I know that luck is playing a huge factor even greater than regular spins due to counted hands.
I 've played from time to time usually just for fun and not considered to make a consistent
session until today where i wrote down my results, and found myself in a very interesting and profitable position.

The session went like this.
4 one dollar spins silmutaneously
10 times. So it equals 40 Spins
Wrote down the results from each session.

01 - +10.00
02 - +10.00 (+20.00)
03 - +00.00 (+20.00)
04 - -04.00 (+16.00)
05 - +10.50 (+26.50)
06 - +07.00 (+33.50)
07 - +08.50 (+42.00)
08 - -02.50 (+39.50)
09 - +15.62 (+55.12)
10 - +03.00 (+58.12)

PS.1: The first session was 3 three dollar spins by missclick ( i managed to unregistered from the fourth one), where i won one spin and stood lucky enouph to choose the 19 dollar prize from 19 , 4 , 4 boxes

PS.2: From 3 or 4 high spins that i won i chose to cash out all of them as i found that, this was the most profitable choise from the equity standpoint.

PS.3: Of course i stood lucky in a lot of cases and in box Choices, you always need luck, but i believe i also played a very consistent poker in push-fold / check-raise situations.

Would love to hear your spots.
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Sep 17, 2012
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Sure they can be crushed. Apply the right strategy and you should win over time..... or just get the Million spin lol


Dec 7, 2015
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I also really like this game format and I think that this format is unbeatable. Just make EV + decisions and the money will come by itself :).

btw. Too much focus, which prize will be chosen during the game. When I chose the smallest prize I fell into tilt. I solved this by throwing dice during the prize selection:
1-2 stitches = 1 prize
3-4 stitches = 2nd prize
5-6 stitches = 3rd prize

For 100 dice throws - I drew 34 highest prizes. So everything is fine. On this small sample, I judged that Pokerstars does not cheat when choosing prizes - it is purely random.