Sometimes you suck out



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Nov 12, 2020
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So, I was playing a freeroll on ACR. I was card dead to the point I was about to sit out the rest of the tournament. I was going to make it past the bubble, but the cards were so bad that even a lag would have had a headache looking at them. I got 72 and 25 so often I was thinking there were more in the computer deck than there should have been. Just as I hit sit out, I got cowboys. So, I figured I might as well and went all in. Either die by them or actually get a decent stack.

So, I get called by A9os. The flop comes and there is a 9 in it. I forget the other 2, they were that forgettable. Turn comes and it is a 9. I am shaking my head. I am just chanting for the king at this point. I got it on the river. People complain, I know I do, about all these folks getting the card they need on the river. Well, it worked for me for once. I think it was a computer glitch.


Dec 23, 2020
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I don't think it's a computer glitch...I think it's an algorithm that favors different players at different times... for instance this has happened to me as well...I have been in situations where I have pocket rockets and get beat out by trip three's on the river... and you're like no effing way... but then u realize everything is computer simulated... and these companies want everyone to win a hand because if u never win them how are you supposed to keep playing and depositing money