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Dec 11, 2015
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jus wondering how many games you guys play at once and how many times you generaly finish in the money? eg play 8 at once and get in the money in 3. also do you think its possible to grind a BR up at $1.50 STT. which to play 9 or 6 man?


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May 2, 2009
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ITM % on a set is going to vary, but generally it shouldn't matter how well each set does or does not go as long as you are playing good/great poker and making correct decisions.

I have gone sets of 16 stt's with only a couple of cashes, and I have probably done the same and cashed upwards of 10 times .... its going to vary in small samples and should be viewed more over larger samples (1000's of sng's).

Also you want to be looking at increasing ROI overall vs ITM because often more ITM will mean more min cashes when you want to be winning more stt's vs just cashing and therefore producing a higher ROI.

Yes to the building a br with 1.5 stt's, have done it myself. I played the 9 man but many play the 6man its preference really, I like the 9 man games because it allowed me to run 12 tables without feeling too busy while 12 6 man games can get very busy.

Just remember that variance exists in stt's as well so follow a comfortable BRM if you plan on grinding them and especially if you plan on playing multiple tables, I'd suggest at least 75-100 buyin's depending on number of tables and if playing regular speed or turbo or mixing them both etc.

Either way gl if you plan on grinding the stt's.


Dec 25, 2015
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If your grinding S&G, (I did this on FT back in the day when US players could play there, won $1200 with no deposit) I'd play the 9 person, remember the objective is to finish in the top 3.. yes you want to win, but every time you finish in the money is a "win".

Watch people, make notes on them, what their method of play is, what their ranges are. This will help you tremendously in future games against them.

If you haven't done so already, download the S&G wizard, back when I did it, it was free for 90 days, I think it's only 30 now.

This program is excellent for learning equity and they have practice on it, as well as analysis of games you've played when they are done, to find out where your making mistakes.

I can guarantee you your ROI will get better with it.

Play as many games at a time as you can comfortably do without making mistakes.

It's also not a bad idea once your bankroll is built up, to play once in a while in a 45-90 person or a big MTT.
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